Monday, March 30, 2009

Had to Do It

The boys are getting fidgety about James' upcoming relocation. They want to make sure that they have taken ample excursions and spent plenty of quality time together before they are separated by miles and months.

Saturday, Landen reminded (read: required) James to take them somewhere awesome soon. " on a hike, or something..."

When baseball games were cancelled due to muddy fields, Saturday afternoon opened wide up! JW, Luke & Landen went to play basketball, shop for major snacks, and then fished in a pond.

JW walked in and announced, "We got LP's mandate taken care of." I agreed that Landen had been a little demanding, but was surprised to hear JW use a word like 'mandate'. "No, we got LP's MAN DATE taken care know, guy QT stuff."

And THAT's when I decided this must be blogged. To pass up a play on words like that is almost criminal. So there you have it. Plus one photo from Christmas where JW is being bashful and LP pulls a sly point/pick but still looks really guilty.

Monday's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday, March 30, 2009...

Outside my window... the dawn of a sunshiney, beautiful day. The lawn will need to dry out a few more days before we mow. Spring has sprung.

I am thinking...that I am SO glad Tim & Rebecca finally had that sweet baby boy! Baby Sam's pics are on Rebecca's blog. He's so darn handsome.

I am thankful church family. Yesterday's meetings were encouraging and convicting. I appreciate our leadership. I enjoy the fellowship. Thank you, Jesus.

From the learning rooms...three weeks left. I hate to admit that we've all merely adopted the downhill finish. We are relishing nothing, savoring nothing, we just want to be done. Done done.

From the kitchen...soup & sandwiches today. We have rehearsal every night this week, so meal prep & clean up will have to be minimized.

I am pants, green maternity shirt. (sh-sh-sh. I wore this last night to church and put it back on to wear to the doctor.) I'll walk and then shower and have something new on soon.

I am creating...a plan for the big bedroom switcharoo. I love this kind of stuff!

I am a doctor's appointment today, then we have to be at the church house every night through Sunday. Git yer vita-meata-vegemin and let's hit it!

I am reading...Life's Just Better with Jesus by Anne Graham Lotz and a Ruth Beechick book on Biblical Homeschooling.

I am hoping...that the friends I'm praying for receive the Truth. I'm not sure what to do but pray.

I am hearing...quietness. I'm the only one awake...except for God, who never slumbers. Praise Him for His faithfulness!

Around the house...a fresh spirit of possibility and potential. I want to concentrate on being kind with one another this week. Lord, help us.

One of my favorite things...crushed ice. Pure happiness.

A few plans for the rest of the week..."Sacrifice" rehearsal every night, performances Friday through Sunday, moderate amounts of baseball and several hours of lessons. That's it.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...
Philip and Cari watching the sun set on our anniversary weekend.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Locks of Love

Two years ago, Ardyn and Ashlin each donated 11 inches to Locks of Love. Yesterday, they were able to do it again. We had so much fun with Mrs. Jennifer at the salon.
This morning - when they awoke with smooth, short hair - they said, "It's true! Mrs. Jennifer DID cut off all our tangles!"

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Open Wide...

It's been a while since I took all 5 kids "out and about". With James willing to take singular folks to appointments and Landen able to "mind the homestead", I usually only take a small representation with me.

Today we ALL drove to L'view to visit the orthodontist. Culture shock. First of all, we took up fully a third of the waiting area. Second, the three oldest were distracted by the exciting prospect of braces in their near future. Therefore, I was seemingly on my own to corral Mari Alice, explain the day's agenda to Ashlin, AND fill out new patient information.

We got a few quizzical looks from fellow patients and the nursing staff, but all in all we were off to a good start.

I heard the doctor coming down the hall, asking the receptionist, "Are all the Johnsons here?" He was finishing his question as he rounded the corner. He caught one glimpse of our monopolized seating arrangement and exclaimed, "Wow! There's a whole clan of them!"

Ok, we are a sight to behold. I'll give him that. But he didn't stop there.

"Momma, I hope you have a lotta money -- having all these kids!"

A brief pause to collect my thoughts and check my tone...

"Well, I have plenty of food and lots of love, so I believe I'm good."

Surely this guy realizes his flippancy is not being well-received. Surely he will keep the rest of his preconceived notions to himself.

Surely not.

As we all went back into his office and began to get situated, the little girls sat quietly along the wall with their tote bags. Landen laid in the exam chair, Luke and Ardyn each took a seat on the other side of the desk, and I joined the nurse at the conference table.

"Well, Mom, I guess there's never a quiet moment at your house, huh?"

(Are we not being generally quiet right about now?? so as to disprove your assumption that we collectively lack the ability to refrain from noise???? Do you not wanna shut yer trap so you can git down to biznez and have a looksie at my kids' teeth?)

With a patient smile, I assure him, "We have a pretty good time most of the time."

"You don't homeschool them all, do ya??"

(boy nellie, do we really have to go there?)

Politely, but with conviction in my eyes, I answered, "Yes."

"Man, do you NOT wanna have a life, or what?"

(wow...this guy is in-credible)

My response: "Oh, I have a life. It's a good life. I love my life."

We went on to discuss the status of each of the children's treatment. He explained their needs and projected a long term plan. He said that both boys were ready for braces and that Ardyn's treatment would be more extensive and could wait a few years. (But he had to throw in one last comment...)

"I mean, if she were an only child, and your husband was a millionaire, we'd start her right away. But we'd better just let you get these boys taken care of - then we'll see what we can do about her."

(Did he just imply that because we had the audacity to crowd Ardyn's life with siblings, she is now going to be blown off. And did he hint that he has a clear indication of our income bracket based on our appearance????)

We gathered our things, smiled, and headed to check out.

I shared the morning's commentary and events with Philip and James this evening. Philip wants to know "how we got this guy". I reminded him that HE told me to take Landen there after he was personally recommended by a retired dentist. JW wants to "shut his rig down".

I came to the good doctor's defense to say that, despite his apparent lack of couth, and an unbelievable inability to limit his words, he shows every sign of being a skilled orthodontist.

Skilled. Schkilled. They're arm-wrestlin' to see who gets dibs on taking the kids to the next appointment.

Heaven help us all.

I'm an Aunt again!

Rebecca gave birth this morning to Samuel Isaiah. They are both home now letting all the siblings get acquainted. Her blog (along with Tim's) is on the sidebar if you want to send her congrats.

I'm so sad that I can't be up there to hold him. We're planning a trip soon.

My favorite "aunt" quote is from the TV show "Friends". Monica is holding her newborn nephew for the first time and with tears in her eyes, she promises...

"Hi...I'm your aunt...and I will ALWAYS have gum in my purse for you!"

Thank You, God, for little children. You rock!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sonogram Update

We're pretty sure it's a girl.

four chambers of the heart
two hands
two feet
one cute little nose
one genetically locked-in overbite
zero you-know-what

Let the lavender paint job commence!

"For You created my inmost being;
You knit me together in my mother's womb,
I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful, I know that full well...
All the days ordained for me were written in Your book
before one of them came to be." ~ Psalm 139

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Care to Share?

The other day James was riding around in a campus golf cart and issuing parking tickets. His co-worker is an international exchange student from China. He asked James to explain the humor in a joke he had heard. The punchline included "hell", and since he was unfamiliar with the terminology, he didn't really get the joke.

James explained that hell is a real place where an eternal fire constantly burns, but never consumes. After spelling out the joke's ill attempt at humor, he went on to explain that the Bible teaches that only those who call on the Name of Jesus as Lord, will be saved from eternal torment in hell.

The young man was troubled by the news. He asked James for clarification. "So if I don't believe in Jesus, I'm going to hell when I die?" James gently confirmed this new found truth. "God loves you and wants to save you. He knows you have sinned -like everyone else- and He has made a way for you to escape His judgement. But you have to agree with Him that you have sinned and that you need Jesus' death to count for yours."

Then, in a surprising turn of broadened conviction, he asked, "Do ALL the 'believers' here on campus know this and believe this about me?"

James nodded that he assumed they did.

"They believe I am going to die and go to hell, but no one has ever told me how to be saved from it??"

Pensive pause.

"They must not really care too much about me, then, if they're ok with the way things are going to turn out for me..."

Have mercy on us, O God. Thank You, God, for James and the demonstrative love he shows toward others. Forgive my frequent lack of compassion. Have mercy on me when I'm too caught up in the things of this world to care. Too "busy" to see how You are at work, calling people into Your light. Thank You for saving me. I want Your Goodness and Holiness to be at the front of my thoughts and on the tip of tongue at all times. I don't want to be afraid to tell people about Your truth. The truth about hell. The Truth about Jesus. Thank you for not giving us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday, March 23, 2009...

Outside my window... A surprising sun-drenched shower watered the lawn as we were finishing up the dinner dishes. Presently, wind and darkness share the space.

I am thinking...that if it weren't for these weekly daybooks, I would be a total blogger drop out. I'm not sure what my deal is. I think I may be nearing the end of contentment concerning dial-up. I don't want to completely arrive, so it's possible that I'm merely prolonging my approach.

I am thankful for...dial-up. Truly. It's just slow. But what is truly "slow" these days? Not much. Truly. I'm thankful for breezy evenings where the light lingers outside inviting everyone to do the same.

From the learning rooms...We are within 4 weeks of finishing the year. We'll have a big, three week break, and then it's onward and upward! Ardyn is doing well. Ashlin needs to read more. I need to read more with her. Mari Alice needs to color more. I need to color more with her. I suppose we've just articulated this weeks' objectives.

From the kitchen...I made 7-layer dip for lunch and then chicken & dumplings, and chicken salad for supper. Everything is tidy, but it needs to be cleaned, like Capital C-L-E-A-N-E-D. The fridge, the microwave, the cabinet doors, the vent hood, the floor, everything! Soon.

I am wearing...brown maternity shorts and a hot pink v-neck. My legs are not as toned as they were last time I wore shorts. It's depressing. I tell myself every morning, "Do SOMEthing today for exercise." Then as the day wears on, I just don't feel like it. Jesus, help me with a little tent maintenance...

I am creating...not really anything. Dreaming of creating, hoping to create something soon, resting while the Creator of the Universe forms this life in my womb.

I am have a 3-D sonogram on Wednesday morning. Everyone wants to go. I'm usually not game for a public circus, but they want to so badly, and I don't want to leave them out of the fun. I'll ask Philip and see what he says. (He is usually ALL about the public circus:)

I am reading...A little Exodus, a little Matthew, and a few Psalms & Proverbs. It's amazing how the Lord can speak one strand of truth throughout the group of passages. He is THE coolest!

I am have a better day tomorrow. I've been promised "new mercies" and I'm banking on them. I just wasn't on my game today. We had moments of fun and laughter, but my bouts of irritated barking came frequently with little warning. God forgive me, and bless my children with plenty of Grace to cover my yuckiness.

I am hearing...Philip talk with the girls in their room. Bedtime started over an hour ago, but I guess no one was tired. They heard him come in and began to yell for him to join their insomniatic discussions. Though the sounds are muffled, I have heard him play some kind of hide and seek game, read a library book or two, chant some silly poetry, and now he is singing the papa song. They will sleep much better now.

Around the house...Oscar is happy that "alpha-male" has safely returned to the pack. The boys are in their room finishing up their "stuff". And like the kitchen, everything in every room is tidy, but must be cleaned soon. Tidy can only carry you so far.

One of my favorite keeping a calendar. It is the embodiment of rest, peace and hope. It tells me where to be and what to do and what to remember not to forget. It hints at the future while documenting the past. It gives each day purpose,perspective, and a plan. And when life's interruptions arrive, you can simply circle something and draw a cute curvy arrow to another square on the grid.

A few plans for the rest of the week..."Sacrifice" rehearsal tomorrow night, Dr. appt & church on Wednesday, Ortho appt for 3 kids and baseball practice Thursday, Locks of Love haircuts for the girls on Friday followed by a few hours of "just Mommy" shopping made possible by Uncle JW! (deep breath, then get ready for the rest) "Sacrifice" rehearsal and two baseball games Saturday, then after regular morning worship activities on Sunday, the girls are singing in the evening song service. And that'll do.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This was Christmas 1993...a month later, I married Philip...15 months later, Dad suddenly died. March 24, 1995.

This picture is at the dining room table where we typically "feasted" as a family. The night before he died, a group of us were feasting at this table to celebrate Kathy's birthday. (Happy birthday Kath--sorry I'm so often pensively bummed on your birthday) The next morning he just died in the the middle of a sentence. When his heart unexpectedly stopped, each of ours burst with sorrow.

I'm so thankful for the memories of Dad joyfully feasting and living life to the fullest. He was well prepared for heaven in many ways! Thank You, Jesus.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday, March 17, 2009...

Outside my window... As the lawn drains and dries from last week's relentless rainfall, fresh bunches of bright green clover and new rounds of floral weeds sprout up throughout the yard.

I am thinking...about my sister-in-law, Rebecca. She's due to give birth at any moment, and I cannot get that girl outa my brain. We are separated by a couple thousand miles, and it's times like this when I wish I could change that geographic annoyance.

I am thankful for...God's forgiveness. And the hope He offers. It makes life "doable"...for everyone.

From the learning rooms...The boys are working on their final research project on the Alamo. Ardyn is learning to count back change (which gives her more accounting skills than the average sales clerk these days.) Ashlin is cool. Mari wants to know why we never include sixes and nines in her flashcards...she's not cool with that.

From the kitchen...I made Pasta e Fagioli for dinner, and an easy egg quiche with cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow.

I am paint pants, and my D-Now 2000 paint shirt. (The last bathroom cabinet door is painted...hush.)

I am creating...three new color schemes for the kids' bedrooms. I'm thinking I need to keep the walls neutral, but they each want to express themselves with different colors. I love colors, so this is fun!

I am going...nowhere this week. Public schools are on Spring Break. Our three-week break is in May, so we're doing school, but all our outside activities have been cancelled. i.e: baseball, softball, AWANA, choir, etc.

I am reading...Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living. I like to read them as soon as they arrive, then pass them along. Anybody?

I am be able to keep walking (for exercise) throughout this pregnancy. Yesterday, the two miles brought on painful cramps. I don't want to get (even more) out of shape. I went low impact today with weights, and I'll try a few miles again tomorrow.

I am hearing...impromptu movie night in my room. Philip and all 5 kids are crammed onto our bed. It's sort of sweet. They all have to lie really still so they don't fall off. I doubt Mari will make it through the whole flick.

Around the house...mild clutter, a light layer of dust, and complete job security.

One of my favorite my piano. The tuner came yesterday, and we've been taking turns "jamming" all day. I was reading an instrumental piece from a book, and Ardyn (the consummate singer) walked up. "This isn't a real song!"

A few plans for the rest of the week...possible paint job on a room or two, morning lessons, afternoon naps, and evening walks outside. JW returns from his mission trip by Friday which means datenight Saturday (Big Yay)

Here is picture thought I am photo, but one more story... This evening Ardyn and I were talking about possible names for the baby. She said one of my suggestions was a "kid name", and the other was an "adult name". Then she realized that she would still be called "Ardyn" when she's my age. I assured her that she would LOVE the way her husband says her name.

In a strange moment of insecurity, she said, "IF there is a husband who wants me." I reassured her that there would be countless men interested in spending time with her, and that we would have to send them away: "You're not good enough, You're not good enough, and You, sir, are definitely not good enough!" She asked me if we would pick a good guy. Surprised that she would allow us to, I promised we would.

Then, with wisdom and purity beyond her years, she said, "Mom! When you pick someone, you're going to have to ask him a few questions, right? Like 'Do you love Jesus with all your heart?' and 'Do you want to worship the One True God with our lovely daughter?'"

Note to self...

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Wednesday, March 11, 2009...

Outside my window... cold rain diligently waters my freshly planted veggie garden. Fortunately, the temperatures will hover at "cold" and do not show signs of dipping below freezing. "Grow, thou little spinach plant, grow!"

I am thinking...that the kids and I laughed a lot today. More than usual. I let them sleep late this morning. Perhaps we chased all the grumps away with lots of extra sleep.

I am thankful for...Philip's job. He loves what he does. He always has a good attitude about going to work. (Even when he gets called out at 10pm on a Wednesday night after putting in a whole day's work plus an evening of AWANA.) What a trooper.

From the learning rooms...Our books for NEXT year arrived this week. We plan to finish this term by April 30. Everyone seems to be doing great. The most exciting development is Mari's. We stumbled upon the fact that she can recognize and correctly name several letters and numbers. She's like our own little circus act. We sit around with flashcards and watch her go. When I show her "3+3" She says, "That's TWO three's and a 'plus'" She's rock solid on zero through seven...excluding 6 which she understandable bobbles on. One of the overzealous kids suggested we teach her to say the answer to the flashcards right away. "Wouldn't that be the coolest, Mom??"

From the bean soup was the featured menu item today. Ready for the recipe?
4 cans black beans
1 can corn
1`can rotel tomatoes
1/2 cup chopped (I used frozen) onions
1 Tbs Chili powder
1 Tbs Lime juice
Don't drain anything, just fire up the can opener and let'er rip! (I did feel led to add a dash or two of garlic salt) Pour it all into a pot and bring to a simmer. Serve with chips or rice, cheese and sour cream.

I am Snuggle-smelling soft, blue nightgown with the hood. I was headed for bed when Philip got called out, but decided to blog instead.

I am creating...a floor plan of each bedroom on graph paper. The boys are using their scale drawing skills to make little cut-outs of each piece of furniture. Then I'll be free to move heavy furniture from room to room on my clip board until I find the perfect set up. What I'm really creating is a good, strong marriage:) To get ready for baby, Philip will be asked to move things one time, and one time only

I am going...out tomorrow night. No big plans, not sure what I'll do, but I'm going to get out of the house and run around like a grown woman for a little bit. Wah-hoo. (You know I'll end up at sad.)

I am reading...nada. I need to choose my next book. I have a pile by my bed. I'm tragically behind in my Bible readings for the year. (Maybe that's what I'll do tomorrow night!)

I am hoping...Philip is safe and alert as he works in the cold, dark rain. He's so good at what he does. But I'll only be able to rest when he has safely returned.

I am hearing...sweet silence. Everyone is asleep. What a contrast to twelve hours ago when the house was buzzing with energized sounds of the children chattering, the dryer drumming, and the intermittent flow of footfalls through the house.

Around the house...moderate clutter. We giggled alot today...Something had to give. Surely we'll have it tidy by tomorrow evening.

One of my favorite the library. Stories, songs, information, entertainment, mandatory quietness. For zero dollars, what more could one ask for?

A few plans for the rest of the week...Lessons, baseball, chilling with the girls and church on Sunday. A very relaxed outlook, indeed.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Loving Every Minute

What a peaceful, breezy afternoon! Thank You, God, for a lovely day.

Philip and the boys went to Tyler do take care of some stuff for Papaw. They plan to drive directly to the game tonight, so I'll just see them tomorrow. (I can't do a post-bedtime, out-of-town game WITH a time change on a Saturday night - sorry) Ardyn and Ash have some friends over, Mari is napping, and James is at a wedding. Oscar and I are "straightening my desk", which simply means Oscar is snoozing under my chair and I am blogging. Lord, be with my menfolk and keep them today.

I have mushroom pot roast cooking for supper. The girls and I can put a little dent in it, and leave the rest for tomorrow's lunch. The billowing steam in the crock pot makes the lid rise and fall in a tapping rhythm. Outside, the wind chimes embellish the beat with high pitched syncopation. Open windows allow sounds and smells to breeze back and forth as floral fragrances chase wafts of savory aroma all through the house. An improvisational dance of Spring. Thank You, God, for Springtime and Supper. You are Good in every way.

I need to iron for tomorrow and finalize some things for MP3's concert tomorrow night. I REALLY should clean out my closet, but frankly, I'm skeered. There are clothes that won't fit this summer, and should not be allowed to just hang out until they regain their usefulness. There are winter clothes that should also be hidden away for a while. An entire shelf full of random school books, old financial forms, and too many unorganized photos waits to be dealt with. Shoes, sleeping bags, wrapping paper, and office supplies. See? Be very afraid. Lord, please help me be a good steward of all the STUFF you've let me manage. Give my Your perspective as I give things away and organize what stays.

I can hear the girls and their friends playing outside. I love the purity of young girls' glee. They find delight in the slightest amusement. Delight is contagious and no one giggles alone. They sit on the grass with their folded knees touching each other's - forming a little square. I can only imagine what they might be discussing or dreaming, while the wind blows their hair back and forth across their effortless smiles. Lord protect their innocent joy.

It's time to "finish" straightening my desk, which really means: Oscar gets to keep snoozin', and I have to get off the computer. Thank You, Father, for who You are and all that You've promised for today. I love you.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Friday Flashback Foto

I've wanted to post this picture for a long time. This is my dad and his sister - my VERY cool aunt Jeannie. I love how happy they seem. I'm not sure what year this was...probably a year or two before he died in 1995. Donna Jean, a little help, please?

Thank You, God for brothers, sisters, and the happiness You provide through these deeply devoted, wonderfully complicated, yet comfortable relationships.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

Of all the two year olds I've raised, Mari Alice is by far the most articulate. She has a vast vocabulary and doesn't seem to struggle with typical speech developmental issues. It's been so fun communicating with her, that I forgot we were missing out on so many cute mispronunciations.

Until today.

She was having a snack of dry cereal in a bowl.

"Are you having fun, Mari?"
"Yes Ma'am, I sure am."
"What are you having for snack?"

Halfway expecting her to say 'lightly sweetened, fruit-flavored oat rings', I was delighted by her classic toddler response.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday, March 2, 2009...

Outside my window... sunny and cool. Pear trees are blossoming, hedges are shaggy, and we're almost ready to fire up the Cub Cadet.

I am thinking...about so much. Really. My mind is congested with a steady flow of thoughts, plans, visions, reminders, wonders, and ideas. Hoping to vent a few here, then jot a few elsewhere, and allow the rest to ebb and flow.

I am thankful for...a good check up this morning. Heartbeat: good. Movement: strong. Weight: managed - barely. Three and a half months to go. Thank You, Lord.

From the learning rooms...Ashlin is plodding along in her characterized "slow and steady gets the job done" approach. Ardyn has had several successful days in a row. She can see the light at the end of the 2nd grade tunnel. The boys separately, yet simultaneously made a very poor decision last week, so they have been on restriction. (No electronics, no tv, no playing with friends) With all the extra time, they have zoomed ahead in their studies. They should be finished by the end of April. Mari has been in "I Spy" detox. I told her she MUST choose story books first, THEN we'll "read I Pie". It's really no fun anyway. She knows where everything is on every page. She's a mess.

From the kitchen...The kids helped me cook for an hour or two after lunch. I needed to make a dessert to take to a friend. I figured since the oven was on, I could go ahead with dinner. Then I figured since the other half of the meat was thawed, I could go ahead with tomorrow's supper. THEN I figured since the kitchen's already messy, I could go ahead and make one more dish to be eaten SOMETIME soon. Now the kitchen is tidy, and I shouldn't have to cook until Wednesday or Thursday. Yippy Skippy.

I am wearing...(you'll be so impressed) Black trousers, purple long sleeve shirt, black socks, styled hair, a little make up, and --wait for it ---- a necklace! Can you even imagine? It's Monday and I'm fully dressed. (remember the check up this morning?) It won't happen again for another month.

I am creating...a new set up for the laundry room. I purchased tall vented hampers for each person. Philip and I keep ours in our bathroom, JW's is in the hall bath, and the kids keep theirs in the laundry room under my new folding table. Each person gets one day of the week to do his/her own laundry with age-appropriate help offered cheerfully. I don't feel pressure to always have a load going because, logically, everyone should be able to make it a week without washing. No sorting. No fighting over who's job it is. No lost or mismatched socks. No piles on the couch. Why have I not thought of this approach before now? It is truly a thing of beauty.

I am run the boys to practice and then deliver that dessert I was talking about. Then it's home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

I am reading..."Shadow Spinner" by Susan Fletcher. I LOVE this book! It is actually a read-aloud for the kids' schooling, but I love it. It is a beautifully written novel depicting a fresh version of 1001 Nights. The kids are completely enthralled. Even Philip got caught up in the drama one evening. I'm finished with "Can We Talk?" for a while, but still trying to stay up to date on my Holman Bible in a Year.

I am hoping...Ashlin comes to a personal faith in God soon. I had a frightening dream the other night about her. I know not to place too much emphasis on crazy dreams during this hormonal season, but I did awake to an irrepressible urge to pray for her faith. She says she loves God and I know the Word is being planted in her heart. Contrition does not come easily for her. Her stoic strength could also be her weakness. I don't want to push her. I want her to come to Him on her own. Hoping and praying.

I am hearing...the kids talk among themselves. Mari is up from her nap, the boys have finished their seat work, the girls are through with their latest "project", so everyone is just "viz-ten" as we say in Texas.

Around the house...slight clutter and the viz-ten. That's it.

One of my favorite Philip's cologne. He's worn it since the day I met him. I love it. He sprays it generously on his clothes for Sundays and then when he drapes his shirt over the chair, I can even smell it on Mondays. Warm, clean, & strong with a hint of spicy sweetness. Yep. That's my man.

A few plans for the rest of the week...Lessons, Choir rehearsal, planting a few veggies, and MP3's spring concert on Sunday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Mari Alice thoroughly enjoyed Cousin Johnathan's birthday party last weekend. They are so sweet together.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Day Off

Today I drove to Longview to worship with JW at MBC. Point of Grace was in concert AND he has high speed internet in his office, so it was a no brainer. Philip spent the whole day with his children. They were all really excited about my day off. After I readied the children and sent them to the early service with Philip, I had just enough time to finish my hair and head out the door.

30 minutes of praise and worship
in a car, I mean "Sunday School" was great. The worship service was full of Spirit and Truth. The sermon was practical, concise and inspiring.

After church, James and I had just enough time to grab some "Bueno", grab some whoppers and junior mints, then make it to the matinee of "Madea Goes To Jail".

Good flick. Madea's character says "hell" alot. More than I. It's an adverb. It's the object of prepositions. It's everywhere. But somehow it's irresistibly funny. I find it remarkable that Tyler Perry can write/direct/produce a string of movies that present the truths of redemption and forgiveness with blatant boldness. And it is received. It is applauded. Moral of the story: Perhaps believers might be more effective communicators of grace if we weren't afraid to use the word "hell".

After the movie, we ran into Sam's to get Philip his monthly supply of berries and nuts. I also bought a folding table for my laundry room. Get it? Folding table. It folds. I use it to fold clothes. Never mind.

I said, "This has been a very fun day."
"Plus!" was JW's reciprocated response.

He drove me back to my car, and I headed back to town for a Children's Council meeting.

30 minutes of praise and worship
in a car
twice in one day

CC meeting
MP3 (last week before Spring concert)
Hug and Kiss the hubby cause I missed that guy all day long.
Hug and Kiss the chih'ren cause I missed those peeps [off & on] all day long.

Came home with the family and filled requests for nachos. I discreetly had a sandwich and kept my "bueno" fill to myself.

While I was off, Philip was apparently on. He served lunch, replaced ceiling fans in two bedrooms and commissioned the cleaning of all bedrooms. He washed a load of clothes AND made it to an ETBU softball game with the kids before taking them to church.
What a guy.

A little blogging, a little folding of the hands to sleep...

Dear Father, thank You for today. Thanks for the time together. Thanks for the time with JW. Thanks for the time Philip was able to spend with the kids. We all love YOU so much! You are good all the time!