Monday, August 26, 2013

Our New Normal

Philip and Asa 
Big day of "firsts" at Southfield!

Today was Landen and Luke's first day back in class at the high school,
Ardyn's first day of public school at the Jr. High,
Ashlin's first day to be OJR: "Oldest Johnson in the Room",
Elizabeth's first day to NOT be the YJR, because it was
Asa's first day to live in our home.
(Philip and Mari and I had fun too:)

We began snapping photos right after the case worker and lawyer drove away.
He was so happy all day long. We are all the way in love with this little guy!

This is Ashlin's third rodeo with a 7-month-old sibling. She's got this.

And here is video documentation exploiting Gizzy's not-so-subtle anxiety 
concerning her recent dethronement. Bless her heart:)
AND please note that in this video we are prompting for the word, "Ash" ... short for Ashlin:)

Hopefully I'll get photos of Asa with the older kids tomorrow. And maybe me.
Thank You, God, for a very good day!