Thursday, April 03, 2014

Common Ground

I’m a griper and complainer. I’m sorry. I try hard not to be, but critical commentary seems to just leap off my tongue if I’m not careful. 

But there are a couple topics you will seldom hear me gripe about in public. 

At the top of the list is my husband. And here’s why. Out of all the men in the world, I chose him. No one forced me to marry him. I did that all by my big-girl self.  

He’s not perfect, but he’s mine. So when an issue arises, my response matters. Very little is accomplished by verbally dogging him. It might make me feel better in that tiny warped moment, but it certainly doesn’t lead to a solution. 

I must embrace that the solution to our problem likely involves me. (I mean he totally needs to change his ways, but …) Maybe I need to step it up. Maybe I need to be more patient. Maybe I need to encourage him. Maybe I need to chill out. Maybe I need to focus on being grateful for all that’s good while we find a way to work together.

Monday, March 24, 2014

All Things New

Jenn's Grandma is cheerful and sweet. The few times I've seen her, she has greeted me with a gentle touch and a quiet, pre-existent giggle ... like she just knew we were about to enjoy ourselves.

Evidently, she is practical too, and not inclined to attach herself to material things with too many emotional ties. They tell me she has had many a happy garage sale over the years.

But now her oldest granddaughter is engaged to marry my youngest brother, and friends and family are helping the happy couple accumulate household goods and other gifts. With the wedding a dwindling number of days away, one might wish there were a few of those garage-sale items available for Grandma to pass along as heirlooms. Old, new, borrowed, blue?  

I'm not sure Grandma is overly concerned though.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seek & Find

Psalm 27:4
"I am asking God for one thing ... the only thing I really want:
To live in His Presence every day of my life,
Gazing on His beauty and seeking Him ..."

Have you ever just blown up realtor(dot)com all the way? Don't lie.

I remember when we were considering the purchase of this house. Philip was working a hurricane in the gulf and before he left he had applied for a new job that would necessitate a move. We hadn't told the kids any of our plans, and there were so many unknowns. 

I really liked the "bones" of this house. The decor was outdated (and I've tried to remain faithful to that vibe lol), but the layout seemed timeless. I could fully imagine Thanksgiving 2035 happily happening on this property.

But just as I would conjure up a good whiff of pumpkin spice in my mind, apprehension would grip my nerves.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Safe and Secure

Thank the Lord for answered prayers! The following is a glimpse of my thoughts from four years ago. 

Reading through it ... giggling ... I sit in awe. Shaking my head. Humbled and overwhelmed by how foreign and powerless these fears seem to me today. (Not the physical stuff ... heights still scare me to death and back.) 

But I'm amazed at the courage He provides for the life adventures He designs. He is faithful to heal and help us grow. I look forward to reading this year's posts in a few years ... hoping for more evidence of His mercy and grace! 

July 2010
I finally opened "So Long Insecurity", my new book by Beth Moore. It may be noteworthy that I struggled with anxiety about even reading a book with "Insecurity" in the title.

Whisper it gently, "(head case)!"
Thirty-six pages have now entered my consciousness.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Vocation Vocation Vocation

vo·ca·tion   [voh-key-shuhn]
1. a particular occupation, business, or profession; calling.
2. a strong impulse or inclination to follow a particular activity or career.
3. a divine call to God's service or to the Christian life.
4. a function or station in life to which one is called by God.

What are the three most important things to consider when choosing a career?

Calling. Calling. Calling.

Career is literally the "road" you follow. But it is your vocation that you are answering. For the believer, God has called you to life. Abundant life. So as you journey along, you are alive to the possibilities along your way.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Special Occasion: A Modesty Metaphor

As darling daughters begin to blossom toward womanhood, we have daily discussions on appearance and appropriateness.
Girls perceive not-so-subtle social signals that "less is more" when appealing to members of the opposite gender. This dangerous half-truth coupled with an emerging sense of style results in a resistance toward the truth we are trying to teach.

One day, I shared a word picture that hopefully shifted our parental position from being major parade-rainers, to being their most enthusiastic supporters in this honorable quest...

Sunday, January 05, 2014

A Whole Entire Blog Post About Brendan Luke

Happy Birthday Lukey:)

My tallest, blondest child turns 16 today!

I remember being SO geared up for his birth. Not like the other time, with that first baby, when I was kuh-loo-less.

I had two years of parenting experience, a precious little compliant child that followed my instructions and proved my sketchy theories perfectly, tons of nap times in which to read dozens of parenting books, and thanks to daily stroller walks, I was ending this second pregnancy lighter than I started the first, I was gonna be ALL kinds of ready for this child!

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Problem reSolved

I didn't even make one. 

I rebelled against the entire idea of New Year's resolutions.  From years past, we know the ONLY thing I'll be able to do without a doubt is FAIL. 

Even if I succeeded 3 or 12 or 30 or 62 days in a row, one day I'll eventually stumble or fall or crash.

All week I have sat quietly ... passive and purposefully non-pensive...while January 1st, 2nd, and 3rd have slipped into history. 

With caution, I have considered all the possible areas for resolute improvement.  The volume of opportunity staggers the imagination.

I could...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What Love is This

**Originally posted November 2012

Yesterday, I sat down with each girl individually and gave them "cyber dollars" so they could privately shop online for their family members. Ardyn showed up with a list. Ashlin was definitive and decisive. Elizabeth was not happy her time slot fell during her one PBS show, so with eyes darting toward the tv, she hastily spouted, "I just want to get elephants for the little kids and monkeys for the big kids, ok?" That girl!

Anyway, when Mari sat down, she had three dollar bills wrinkled into a wad in her hand. Not understanding that I intended to fully fund her virtual shopping spree, she looked up at me and with those big brown eyes blinking slowly and sweetly, she whispered, "This is all my money. Can you please look up 'wedding rings'?"

I blinked a blurry tear away as I typed "gold diamond ring" into the search box, and she continued to talk. "This three dollars can buy you a really pretty ring and then - since my money will be all gone - I'll just make stuff for everybody else ... I can make a scrap book for dad and ..."

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Counting blessings with Ann Voskamp today ...
a scavenger hunt for God's glory! 

3 gifts eaten - when "more is more":
whole wheat toast with crunchy peanut butter melting as it is spread
enchiladas with fresh spinach and tons of onions
hand-mixed guacamole - bad breath in a bowl;)