Monday, August 26, 2013

Our New Normal

Philip and Asa 
Big day of "firsts" at Southfield!

Today was Landen and Luke's first day back in class at the high school,
Ardyn's first day of public school at the Jr. High,
Ashlin's first day to be OJR: "Oldest Johnson in the Room",
Elizabeth's first day to NOT be the YJR, because it was
Asa's first day to live in our home.
(Philip and Mari and I had fun too:)

We began snapping photos right after the case worker and lawyer drove away.
He was so happy all day long. We are all the way in love with this little guy!

This is Ashlin's third rodeo with a 7-month-old sibling. She's got this.

And here is video documentation exploiting Gizzy's not-so-subtle anxiety 
concerning her recent dethronement. Bless her heart:)
AND please note that in this video we are prompting for the word, "Ash" ... short for Ashlin:)

Hopefully I'll get photos of Asa with the older kids tomorrow. And maybe me.
Thank You, God, for a very good day!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Compare and Contrast

There are so many folks who drink health shakes. I know this because they post about it constantly. They post photos, statistics and earnest proclamations of success and happiness.

Some "friends" have even sent invitations to shake parties, and announcements of shake specials.

Gut honest: (pun intended) I find this mildly annoying.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Sabbath

In the warmth of evening shade, the kids rolled out the slip & slide and had a blast!
Landen roars, Ardyn mocks, Mari Alice giggles at those silly people.
Mari thought she could make it farther if her older brother tossed her onto the slide.
Ashlin made it roughly a yard and a half on her first "run"... and cracked herself up.
Elizabeth is wary of this entire operation, Mari Alice is all in, Landen seems concerned.
Ardyn Grace ... "who me? say wuh?"
Landen spins around to find Elizabeth cringing at such perpetual moisture.
Sweet sloppy Mari Alice with Ash-bash, the photo-bomber.
And ... we finally got the He-Man, Luke to come join the fun.
Thank You, God, for these fantastic kids. Thank You for their handsome dad, for our backyard, for running water, and for all the memories we're making together. Knit us together in love so that we are a soft, secure space for Baby Asa. In this final week of "8 is almost enough", draw us each closer to You and help us love each other well. Thank You for loving us first and for promising to never leave us. Give us the courage to be hopeful, and the strength to be selfless. It's all You!

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Daybook 8.1.13

FOR TODAY Thursday, August 1, 2013...

Outside my window...
A steamy summer shower is thundering through the neighborhood forcing skies to darken and grass to glow bright green.

I am remembering...
the summer I stayed a week at my Grandma's. Croquet, fireflies, and rhubarb pie.

I am thankful for...
faithful friends who speak lovingly, pray boldly, and laugh easily.

I am creating...