Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Man

14 Reasons why I love my funny valentine...

1. Blue eyes...can't get enough of 'em.

2. Accented slang...he talks like a hick, and ironically, I dig it.

3. Friendly...he's just a really friendly guy.

4. Strong hands...he refused to use the bar of soap in the hotel once because he couldn't wash his hands with "something that snaps in half every two seconds"...brute?

5. Affectionate Dad...all the kids bask in his tenderness.

6. Hard work...he possesses not one ounce of laziness.

7. Home Run maniac...that boy got skills.

8. Blossoming musician...he has always had a song in his heart, and after years of my "nearness", he can actually sing on key.

9. Fixer-guy...I never pay a repairman, rarely a mechanic, only seldom a plumber. I tell ya - the boy got SKILLS.

10. Optimist...things in Philip's world are either "all good" or "awesome".

11. Provider...I never have to wonder if we'll have what we need. PTL

12. Chatter box...he uses twelve thousand minutes and 700 texts per month just making people feel known and needed.

13. God lover...though I truly feel loved by Philip, I always have the sense that he loves Someone else more...and I wouldn't want it any other way.

14. After all these years, he still thinks he loves me more than I love him ... it's just so precious. Incorrect, but precious.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bring It!

Snuggled in my recliner, perfectly comfortable in every way, I confessed aloud - breaking out of my own denial of the inevitable - "I really need to get up and use the restroom."

*several more minutes of cozy lounging come and go*

(Speaking of "go" ...)

Philip soon lets down the foot rest of his recliner and stands up, so I tease,
"Hey, while you're up, could you run to the bathroom for me?"

He rolls his eyes while my sheepish smile admits the absurdity of my request.

There are a lot of things that other people could do on my behalf. They could cook supper, they could make a phone call, run errands, refill my drink, get me a blanket, substitute for my teaching ... the list goes on. But there are some things that ultimately cannot be done by anyone but me. Going tee-tee in the potty (as my toddler likes to say) is one of them. No one else can do that job but me.

I wonder if there is something to be learned from this phenomenon.

Monday, February 11, 2013