Sunday, December 10, 2006

Too Busy To Blog

When I set out to post my thoughts, I figured every other day or so would be a nice, steady pace. It appears I can only manage to post once a week. Busy. Busy. Perhaps this week will afford more time to write.

Last week's recap:

Monday we recuperated from Sunday which seemed unusually busy...why was it so tiring? Oh yeah, Philip worked through the night so I was on my own to dress/feed 5 kids, warm up my voice (choir sang in both services) and orchestrate a "good hair day" all before 8am. We did it (James drove so I could finish my face)....together we did it. I got a really good nap that day, I remember now. Praise the Lord for rest. We attended evening worship and ate dinner with the college students. We stayed late visiting....and next thing we knew, it was Monday morning with new mercies and a lot of laundry.

Monday night Philip and James each had a Bible study to attend, the 3 older kids had choir practice....Ashli, Mari Alice and I just hung out watching folks come and go.

Tuesday morning I helped choreograph a banner entrance for our Choir musical this coming Sunday. That night was datenite.....DEEE-Lightful!
(kids choir practice #2)

Wednesday....a typical Johnson day followed by AWANA/Choir Practice

Thursday... We had honorary Birthday celebrations for Ashli since she was planning to be out of town on her "day-day". The kids showered her life with quality time, generous gifts, encouraging words, acts of service, and lots of hugs and kisses. It was a tremendously sweet day. After CHOIR PRACTICE (will it ever end????) we had a family party. She enjoyed herself and then said she needed to get to sleep 'cause she was "goin' to Sean's house when the sun comes up."

Friday... We loaded up and headed for Canton (half-way between us and Sean).
We had a great lunch with friends, handed off Ash, then headed back for Mar-shall! We arrived just in time to greet Philip upon his return from work and ready ourselves for the Sunday School party that evening. Ashli called that evening and asked if she could spend the night.....she missed a couple of the memos. I missed her.

Saturday: Take a guess where the kids had to be at 10am....RIGHT-O! A pizza luncheon completed the final choir practice for the YEAR....and then we were off to 4-H. Philip normally takes the kids, but he had to work, so James, Mari, and I shared quality time waiting for the other 3 to shoot their targets. James and Philip replaced the brakes on his car, and requested queso with venison for supper....I obliged. I cleaned the kitchen, chatted with a friend, ironed clothes, and folded laundry until Saturday became Sunday.

Today had a rough Mari screaming from 3-4am...followed by Philip being called to work at 5:something. We made it to most of Sunday School. Well, the kids did. Mari and I had brunch in the parking lot, finished my face, and prayed for grace to make it through the day. (Why is my face never finished when I leave my house?) Praise the Lord for another good nap today. The kids shared their Christmas Musical tonight. All that practice produced an enjoyable evening of song and dance. It was a wonderful evening...until the Cowboys lost. What is their problem? I had no faith when I saw the first quarter score, so I chose to partake of "Extreme Makeover - Home Edition" instead. Man, that show makes me cry. The people who get the new home are always so humbled, so honored...the folks who work their tails off all week are always so grateful for the gracious, so honored. It just gets to me. I think that's how I feel about God's love for me....that I'm so helpless, and could never afford the extravagance. And yet He lavishes his love on me to the point that I just weep. I think it's also a picture of how I want to be a blessing to others. I want to give, to love so unselfishly, that (even without being paid by ABC) I find joy in serving and providing for others. I want to wear "forgiveness" like a crown....not there me Jesus.

Night has fallen, and the baby is in her big girl bed, so I'll listen to every noise down the hall as I sleep not quite as deeply as I did when she occupied her cradle. Thank you, God, for never sleeping. Watch over my children as I sleep and help me be an attentive mom. Be with Ashlin and bring her home safely.

More Later

Saturday, December 02, 2006

'Twas the Season

Today we close another chapter in the Johnson book of hunting. Luke shot his big buck for the season. Everyone was proud for him, and I was thrilled. Philip has already harvested a buck and a doe, and Landen has been quite a copy-cat of that. Four deer lay at rest in my freezer, and now, with Luke's buck lying in waiting (aka the big red cooler), we must bid farewell to the life of the huntsman. From this day on, at least until next fall, our only source of enjoyment will be the incessant story-telling and comparisons of each wilderness pursuit...oh, and the venison chili.

I insist that I shall begin my own hunting excursions. It seems rather appealing to rise before dawn on a weekend morning, leave without a word, and remain at-large without household responsibility until well after dusk. My scheme begins to crumble when I consider not only the use of firearms, but also the use of outdoor "facilities". I'll keep working on a plan.

In other news, the tree is up. The door has a wreath. And I think that'll about do it! Our house is a dark shadow of a rectangle, except for the porch fixture that barely provides enough lighting for said wreath to be seen. We are bad, bad Marshallites...what with the "Wonderland of Lights" and all. Our lack of luminosity is an embarrassment to our community for sure. But Philip says "They'll get over it....I ain't staplin' a bunch o' junk to my house when I gotta take it off again in a couple weeks...." I'll spare you the remainder of the thought-provoking speech he delivers each time I suggest that a few outdoor lights would be festive. I'm not so interested in "sharing the light" that I actually go outside with a ladder I concur. The tree looks good, and my scrooge is really handsome, so all is well.

Come over anytime for a candy cane off the tree. Seriously, the girls are waiting. Right now. They wanna get one down and give it away. And we have venison with fascinating narratives to accompany. So come when you can. Happy Holidays.