Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Somebody's Prayin'

I can feel it!

God is wonderful. He is mighty and merciful. He is holy and powerful. I believe in His power to work miracles. Sometimes He miraculously diminishes the circumstances and crises that seem to be mounting up against us. Other times He miraculously strengthens and sustains us despite the escalation and expansion of our problems. Either way, He is God and He works miracles!

Today He apparently chose to show His might in the beauty of "de-escalation". Mari slept in until almost 8. The pump that had been rendered useless in recent months was revived into effectiveness once again. Philip woke her, changed her, and loaded her up. She never uttered a word; she just smiled and drifted back to sleep during the trip to the hospital. (Remember this is Mari: the child/rooster who beckons passionately for pre-dawn nourishment on most mornings) Her calmness continued as we were placed in a room. To each staff member that commented on her disposition, I replied, "People are praying for her this morning". She "went under" and "came out of it" without complication. The doctor was very pleased with all he accomplished during the procedure. After scheduling a follow-up for Thursday, we were home by lunchtime.

She and I took a much needed nap and now things seem back to normal. She is not on pain medicine and is SITTING in her swing babbling on about da-da and tabi-bosheeni. I've heard of the first guy....

Have I said "Praise the Lord"?
Praise the Lord, I mean it.


We saw the pediatrician this morning, who referred us to a surgeon. We saw the surgeon this afternoon who scheduled her for outpatient surgery in the morning....this morning, I guess....Tuesday at 9am. It just doesn't seem to be getting better and it may even be spreading. All health professionals we spoke with today seem to agree that it is not out of control yet, but needs to be taken care of immediately. So off we go in a few hours.

Here's a neat fun-fact. She cannot have anything to eat or drink after midnight. Never in 11 years of parenting have I had the opportunity to gather a child from her crib in the six o'clock hour and not offer nourishment until after noon. Should be happy, happy! I actually signed a form that said I would not allow her to have chewing gum after midnight.

I pray this procedure will solve the problem and she can heal quickly and completely.

Gotta go lay in bed and stare at the ceiling then try to read my magazine then try to read the Bible then try to read a book then roll over with too much stuff on my brain then roll back over and stare some more then finally slip into that really good, deep sleep about an hour before I have to get up. (I handle anxiety so well!) I know I've read something somewhere about being anxious for nothing....where was that? I'll have to read up on that very difficult lifestyle.

Love to all

Saturday, February 24, 2007

What a Day...

Mari awoke this morning with tears...I fed her and she continued to fuss. I changed her diaper and she got downright angry. There was a knot just to the left of "all her business". It was red, hard as a rock, and VERY tender. I called the doctor and he advised me to take her to the emergency room because it sounded like a staff infection.

I put a clip in my hair, gathered the diaper bag and my purse, and off we went.

Three hours later, a surgeon was "lancing" the "abscess". (read: slicing my baby) He prescribed an antibiotic, and Tylenol with codeine. I asked if the codeine was for me. I was needin' to take a load off. We left and drove to the pharmacy. It was raining. There would be a 30 minute wait for the medicine so (after seriously considering the "wine and spirits" drive thru, I opted for a Sonic beverage). As I sat under the metal awning waiting for my drink, the trees began to bend over and touch their roots. Water poured from the sky while thunder and lightning chased one another across our town. Sirens rang out. The winds howled and whistled around the buildings. It began to rain sideways. I looked back to check on Mari and to see if her car seat looked like it could support the roof of a drive-in. I thought about relocating, but could not see past the next car. Philip called my cell to inform me that there was a storm coming toward Marshall. "That ship has literally sailed, honey....down the raging rapids we call Highway 80"

I confessed to the Lord that He had my UNDIVIDED attention. I took a sip and listened......"I am here with you" was all I got. cool. The sky changed colors a few more times, the winds subsided, and the sun threatened to rule again. I drove to the pharmacy...Thank You, Lord for drive-thru's! Then we headed home.

I walked in the side door and was greeted by my two healthy children. They simultaneously reported the news: "Dad got called out to work! Uncle James is in charge! He's awake now! Landen's dizzy! Dad gave him medicine! Ardyn's coughing her head off! Dad gave her medicine too! I didn't have medicine! Me neither! Dad didn't give me any! I'm not sick! How's Mari? What's for lunch? I ate, but it wasn't lunch or breakfast! I didn't eat! When's Dad coming home?"

I got back in the Suburban and gave that liquor store one more shot. Kidding!

I gave Mari her medicine and rocked her to sleep. I helped James prepare for his second preaching gig at IBC. I made chicken salad. I made coffee. I ironed clothes for the non-congested folks. James left for a date. I nursed Mari a couple more times, fed the others dinners that ranged from a handful of crackers and a banana to leftover chicken spaghetti. I kissed and hugged all my little blessings and started a DVD for them. Now I'm hiding out in my room which I think can be filed under "Mommy's going to bed". That's just short for "Mommy's going to [hide in her] bed[room]"

Philip will probably work through the night. The news showed some significant, wide-spread destruction.
(The Sonic did NOT make the news)

I'm tuckered out. Remind me to call the pediatrician first thing Monday morning so he can unpack and repack Mari's bo-bo...on her... bo-bo...perhaps I'll place in her hair a bo-bo....then she can learn to play the violin with a bo-bo...

I'm not tuckered. I'm loopy.
Good night

Friday, February 23, 2007

Program Note

I uploaded a photo of James & Mari Alice from the infamous datenite.
You can click on "January 2007" then scroll down to "Datenite Duo" and take a peek.
(That one photo took about 7 hours to upload, so don't get used to the visuals....they'll be few and far between)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Can't Beat It

I love it when friends come over. It motivates me to get the house together....the way I like it...neat and tidy. I had some MOPS ladies come over for "game night". We ordered pizza and enjoyed the wonderful salad that one friend had made. We wrapped up the evening with walnut/chocolate chip brownies and decaf. We didn't even play one single game. We just sat around the table and talked...over two and a half hours of pure adult conversation. What a blessing.

So, now my house is clean, there is pizza left over for tomorrow's lunch, and I'm about to watch my "Allison Kraus" concert DVD that arrived in the mail today. A little blog for the soul, and I'm not sure this evening could improve any further.

It's late.....early....however you want to see it. Philip is snoring. He had to be at work at 5:30 this morning, so he's tuckered. James is studying Greek....which strangely rhymes with "James is definitely a geek." Hey, Ardyn is talking in her sleep. Creepy. I hope she feels better tomorrow. I noticed today how very tall and very beautiful she is. The boys are sleeping hard, and growing out of their bunk beds. They were such great helpers today. Only six more weeks of school! They love me...but not as much as I love them. Ashli is on the floor in "da boyz woom"...her brothers invited her to sleepover. She's so cool. Mari is (walkin' in faith, here) down for the night. I didn't see much of her today since she spent Bible Study in the nursery and then slept through the house-cleaning activities. She enjoyed the evening with her dad, and then I nursed her to sleep. She's wonderful.

That's it. More later.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Loved Lavishly

From the moment I met Philip, I loved being around him. He's rarely stressed, usually optimistic, and always friendly. (Don't you dare say that bit about how opposites attract)

When we were dating, I was gainfully employed, living in an apartment with my future sister-in-law. After rent, car payment, insurance, and utility bills, I had just enough money to purchase the occasional pair of "pay-less" shoes, and several installments of my staple meal: pasta w/tomato sauce and green beans. I had a checking account, and a credit card but would become physically ill if I had to spend more than $10 at a time. For college graduation, my parents bought a new queen-size bedroom suit for me. I frugally used my twin comforter from college for a few weeks and then I could tolerate the "look" no longer.

I told Philip one night as we were out, that we should "look" for a new comforter for me. "Looking" is code for "I'm not in the mood to be physically ill, but I will take account of what my choices might be if I ever decide that I'm ready to purchase". He had NO comprehension of such a strategy. We walked down the second aisle, found one with colors that I liked, and then in an effortless, rotating snag, he had my bag-o-bed on his shoulder and was walking toward the checkout. I began to chase him, frantically explaining that I was not emotionally prepared to spend that kind of money....He glanced back at me, smiled, and confidently announced: "I got it. I'm getting this for you. Let's go." I was dazed for the rest of the evening. The only thing worse than spending money myself, was allowing someone else to spend it on my behalf. It just seemed like a waste....even stuff I needed.

We've been together for 14 years. Today, I have significantly less anxiety over money....and he is learning the art of budgeting. But that day in WalMart, I experienced the first of many outpourings of lavish, extravagant love. His generosity is one of the things I love most.

This Wednesday, the florist delivered a fabulous mixed bouquet for my dining room table. Philip has learned that my pragmatic soul could not truly appreciate $80 roses. The girls waited at the door while I took the vase. To their delight, the florist was not yet empty-handed. He presented each of them a cellophane-wrapped assortment of valentine gifts and goodies. Their faces blissfully beamed. "Is this from Dad?" "How cute!" "It says I'm his angel!" "OOOhhhh!" Just as my overly-practical mind was critically considering the appropriateness of such an expensive gesture for little girls, I saw a glimmer in their eyes that sent me back to that evening in WalMart. I am so pleased that their father is preparing them to be able to graciously receive demonstrative love. Sad news for Ardyn's husband: By all accounts, it's gonna take WAY more than a $50 bed-in-a-bag to speak extravagance to her!

Thank You, God, for "lavishing" Your love upon us so that we could be called Your children. Thank You for my three little girls. Thank You for their husbands that You are protecting and saving for each of them. Thank You for their Daddy who becomes more like You each day!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Back

(minus on the computer crash....plus on Dell's warranty)

What we've been unable to share in blogger-land:

Girls' "Strawberry Shortcake: Let's Get Cookin" Birthday Party
Boys' "Father/Son Flag Football" Birthday Party
Mari's 5month birthday
Our 13th wedding anniversary
the computer crash
the trip to Weatherford
a couple datenites
a couple Bible Studies
College Super Bowl Party
a really good chicken salad recipe
the surprise announcement that zero Johnsons will be playing organized sports this spring.
Get up. It's gonna be ok. I checked, and in terms of earthly revolution and orbit, we're good.
Coach Philip says "it's just too much"....WOW! He HAS noticed we have 5 kids!
(for the record there was no persuasive hinting, no subtle discouragement...I was as shocked as you are)
I've missed the opportunity to really make a big, long, story out of each of these experiences, but we'll just have to travel on! More is promised for this week.

I hope to learn to upload photos...we'll see