Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love it!

My sweet sister in law turned me on to this site. I baked these muffins Sunday. I added a little sour cream to the batter for good measure. They were WONDERFUL!

I'm so glad it's officially Autumn. I love cool, crisp, spiced life!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday, September 13, 2009...

Outside my window... Dark and rainy.

I am thinking...that it's been two whole months since I posted a daybook. "Time's fun when you're havin' flies!"

I am thankful for...healthy children. When our pediatrician cared for Elizabeth after her birth, he said he didn't even realize I had been pregnant. I immediately thought, "Wow, 9 months with no doctors appointments is pretty good considering the statistics of five kiddos!".

I took Elizabeth to the eye doctor this week. She has a little blister on her cornea and the area of her iris just around it was discolored. Evidently, these are two unrelated cases...neither of which is a real problem. The blister is a sty of some sort that should go away on its own, and the brown section of her grayish blue eye is a birth mark. Weird, but cool.

From the learning rooms...We enjoyed Fall Break this past week. It was nice to be "just Mom". We were able to sort through all the off season clothes, make a list of needs, and shop to check off the list. VERY productive.

I was pleased with Ardyn's approach to her wardrobe. She had everything she needed for Sundays except a pair of black shoes and a black turtle neck for a Christmas jumper. We stopped by the consignment shop to see if they happened to have either of those two items. They had a great turtleneck but no shoes.

As we looked, Ardyn found "a DREAMY brown and aqua polka dot skirt with a LOVELY coordinating shirt and cami...and she even found the MOST PERFECT brown wedge shoes to go with it!". I quietly reminded her that another Sunday outfit was not on the list. She said that she would buy it with her money if she had enough in her account. I told her the store had a lay away plan and I explained how it worked. She seemed pleasantly satisfied.

I paid the 25% down and she has 30 days to pay the balance. When we returned home (a little saddened not to be HOLDING the PERFECTLY WONDERFUL dress) she checked her bank account and figured that she would need two more weeks of allowance to give her enough to buy the dress and leave enough in the account in case she were to need to buy a birthday gift for a friend.

From the kitchen...the boys made pancakes and eggs tonight before going to church so the counters are a little less than tidy, but I'm grateful for the self-sufficiency.

I am wearing...black dress slacks and a short sleeve sweater. I've TOTALLY lowered my standard for "what my hair must look like before I leave the house". This morning my choices were stay behind and "do" my hair or wear a ponytail and go with my family to early worship. I chose worship. Wise. Not very cute at all, but wise.

I am creating...lesson plans for MP3 and art holders for Ardyn made from pant hangers and cup hooks.

I am going...to walk this week, dagnabbit. I always feel so good after I walk or work out. I simply must do it. As my darling would spur, "No one's stoppin' ya!"

I am reading..."The Penderwicks" to the kids after lunch each day and "Your God is Too Safe" to myself before bed.

I am hoping...The kids rebound into our school routine tomorrow morning. I'll get up and cook something for breakfast. Surely that will help.

I am hearing...the end of the football game echoing from the living room. Despite the stormy weather, Philip was able to spend the entire day with us. (Thank You, Dear Lord)

Around the house...children are in bed, Philip is lounging in the recliner, and I am happily blogging. Life is good.

One of my favorite things...watching Elizabeth roll and scoot across the quilt my Gramma Billie made. The kids say she's crawling. They are terribly impressed with their seemingly gifted & talented 3 month old sister!

A few plans for the rest of the week...lessons, put all the consignment clothes on hangers, WALK alot, prepare for next week's MP3, hug children, cook meals, wash clothes, and live abundantly!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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Friday, September 11, 2009

You Might Be Raisin' a Redneck...

Mari stubbed her toe on something and hollered, “OW!”.

Ashlin asked what happened.

Mari said she didn’t know.

Then in an abrupt change of subject, Mari exclaimed,

“Hey! That’s cool! ‘ow’ and ‘ow-n’t know’ rhyme both together!”

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Elizabeth Anne is 3 Months Old

Labor Day Weekend...helping dad coach the tournament

First visit to the church nursery

"Hobbies and Interests"

(We're still taking suggestions for nicknames...I can't possibly continue to type out her full name with each reference. I read "The Penderwicks" to the kids last week and one of the characters was named Elizabeth after her mother...they called her 'Batty'. No deal.)

Thank You, God, for Elizabeth. You have blessed us through her precious life. Help us as we care for her and teach her and love her. You are AMAZING and WONDERFUL and she is lovingly made in Your image.

Saturday, September 05, 2009


So, perhaps you've heard the news about the sculpture being shown in Norman, Oklahoma this week. Obviously, the piece is shy on modesty and discretion...I assume that was most of the artist's objective. However, I applaud the attempt to energize the discussion of breastfeeding in public.

I am currently nursing an infant for the sixth time. I have been encouraged by pediatricians, pressured by lactation consultants, and understood by like-minded friends. Other than that, breastfeeding has always made me feel like a social outcast.

When running errands, my choice is to limit the trip to just a couple hours or find a place to nurse. In winter, the car works fine. But last month I was in L'view shopping and it came time to nurse. I went to the car out of habit, but it was 104 degrees in the shade and the car was NOT an option. I began to brainstorm and drive around to find some suitable place. "Do I go to Books-a-Million?" "What about the corner booth at Wendy's?" "WHERE should I go?"

I ended up in the dark, cool, unoccupied lobby of La Quinta. (pretty genius, huh?) I walked in with my infant carrier, and asked the clerk if I could sit for a few minutes in the empty breakfast room. Both ladies behind the front desk seemed pleased to offer the surplus space.

The challenge continues even at church. Unless I wish to pump regularly, I am unable to attend both Bible Study and Worship Service on Sunday mornings without nursing. There's really no appropriate place to do this. Contrary to its name, the "nursery" is a hubbub of activity with all rockers occupied by caregivers. I typically end up in a vacant Sunday School room sitting on the floor against the door in solitude.

I nursed Elizabeth the other day at the ballpark. I covered both of us with a blanket but still shuddered with anxiety as a strong breeze flirted with our veil. I was overcome with dread that someone might catch a flash of my brazier or a glimpse of flesh. But then I looked around and saw half a dozen teenage girls on "bra strap parade" with cheeks hanging out of screen printed shorts. So perhaps public breastfeeding is not so big a deal. Perhaps it is, but remains a noble choice considering the gutterish standards for "public display".

What's a modest momma to do?