Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Review: Atonement Child

If you know me, you've heard me talk about "my Kathy". I use this possessive modifier as a term of endearment. I plan to love her forever and even though she knows me through and through, she still loves me well. She is smart and thoughtful and quick to laugh. She is a bridge-builder ... constantly connecting people and resources to encourage and inspire.

Welcome my dear friend, Kathy, as she shares her response to her most recent read. -cdj

In the past months, while trying to avoid the details of the Gosnell trial, I've prayed with someone who had an abortion, I've watched the 180 Movie, and have read Atonement Child.  God speaks in themes, doesn't He?

Have you ever really thought about abortion?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Trades of Hope {giveaway}

You know those adult friendships that happen so easily that you wish you could be together more often? Not necessarily the neighbors or church buddies, or even that really cool mom you see at all the baseball games. I'm talking about the cousin who lives in another state, but every time you instant message, you literally laugh out loud. Or the wife of your husband's cousin ... how those holiday chats seem effortless and completely refreshing.

Christy is a girl [read: grown woman, mom of 3] who went to college with me. I can't remember a single time we conversed one-on-one while we shared a campus, but we knew and loved the same set of people. So when we reconnected in Bloggerville, we realized we are delightfully like-minded. We read. We write. We parent. We minister. We opinionate and commentate and pray for grace to trust God more. We enjoy friendship from a distance in a peaceful, inspiring, easy way:)

Last year, Christy introduced me to Trades of Hope.