Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday, August 25, 2010...

Outside my window...It's amazing the difference 10 degrees can make....especially when it's the 10 between 97 and 87. With a strong breeze, it's almost manageable:)

I am dad's memorial service. random. a friend's dad passed away this morning, so perhaps not so random now that I connect the dots.

I am thankful new plaid couch. Already, there have been stacks of books read, loads of laundry folded, and all kinds of snugly people just piled all up on it. happiness.

I am creating...a grocery list and editing my continuous to-do list.

I am be sweet tomorrow. Today was a big fat challenge. I failed. No one deserves a crabby nag.

I am reading...Magazines that have gathered dust all month. I finally finished "So Long Insecurity" last night. (That's a whole blog in itself:)

I am hoping...the James and Katie have a safe trip tomorrow. It will be so nice to have them around.

On my mind... How fragile my emotional stability seems at times...I can go from "fine" to "very not fine" in a fraction of a moment. And unlike almost every other season of my life...I have zero hormonal issues on which to cast the blame. Shucks. I must be bonkers.

From the learning rooms...We have had a super week. The girls seem to enjoy their new video classes --I'm teaching language arts this year and Pre-K...all other instruction is streamed.

The boys are showing mediocre signs of I dare say? Perhaps they've realized I am NOT going to wake up some morning and say, "You know, fellas, I was just kidding about that whole school deal..." (I've also implemented the "bread & water for dinner unless your work is turned in" policy. Instant maturity:)

Noticing that...satan is a punk. I am distinctly at odds with his entire agenda.

"[She] will have no fear of bad news; [her] heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord. [Her] heart is secure, [she] will have no fear; in the end [she] will look in triumph on her foes." Psalm 112:7-8

Pondering these words... "We are aflame with God's glory and radiating with the light of His knowledge in the exquisite face of His Son, Jesus Christ. And we're insecure? What kind of lies have we believed all this time? We, of all people on the earth, possess the reason, the residence, and the ongoing revelation to be, of all things, most secure." --Beth Moore

From the kitchen...chicken enchiladas tomorrow and then a much-needed trip to the grocery.

Around the house...everyone is in bed save the master and his queen. We are separately enjoying the silent, peaceful, down-time.

As for the house: The living room is a little "off". I added a couch while contemplating a tv relocation project, so with too many couches arranged sporadically throughout the space, the poor recliners don't know what to do. I'm three table lamps shy of a full-scale furniture show room. No kidding.

One of my favorite Q & A with the kids. If I'm not careful, this can morph into one of my largest annoyances, but with kingdom focus, their inquiries and mysteries are wonderful.

Today I was asked, "Will you be my mom in heaven?" "If James is coming tomorrow, do I only need to sleep one more time and then he'll be here?" "Did you get in trouble for saying strong words when you were in jr. high?" and "Do you ever get scared when you think that heaven will never end?"

From my picture journal...Nastiest cake wish ever declared: "I would like pink cake with pink icing with colored marshmallows ALL over it!"

dutifully granted to the most delightful 4 year old in our home.
Happy Birthday, Mari Alice!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Scratch and Sniff

Today might have been the most productive day I've lived in years - domestically speaking.

Shortly after cleaning up breakfast and overseeing the "changing of the zones", I delegated toddler duty to Luke while Landen and Ashli began their lessons. I went outside to the patio where Philip had placed the dining room table. No, he was not wishing for an alfresco luncheon...he knew I wanted to refinish the table top today.

And so I did. I sanded all 24 square feet of that bad boy. A couple hours later, palm sanding had caused my limbs to go numb, and the uninsulated tin roof of the patio had caused my clothes to be drenched. One fun fact: Sweat is to sawdust like tar is to feathers. Not good.

Next, I stained the top to match the pedestal legs. And while everyone else was helping themselves to lunch, I sealed it with several coats of poly-whatever...the stinky stuff. Then it was "in again, in again, to cook a fat hen." Ok, not really a fat hen, but certainly a mother lode of food.

FIRST, I showered. THEN while some were napping and some were reading, I mixed up some ginger cookie dough, and a crustless spinach quiche & muffins for tonight's dinner. Also, I went ahead and assembled the roast beef pitas with horseradish cream sauce for tomorrow's lunch.

By the time I took the quiche and muffins out of the oven, the cookie dough was chilled enough for me to work with. And by "work with" of course, I mean: roll into cute little balls while beating off the buzzards with a wooden spoon. "Just ONE more bite, Mom...PLEASE!!!"

As soon as I cleaned up the kitchen from cooking, everyone helped me move the table inside. We all agreed it is quite lovely. After the second of two wiffle ball games, I served dinner and finally cleaned up the kitchen fer realzies.

The girls all got baths, and books, and bed. The fellas got Ranger play-by-play and hopefully showers on their own time. Now I sit. Arms sore. Shoulders sore. Honestly, my pinkies are even sore.

I must be a colossal wimp.

A colossal wimp whose home is filled with the aroma of sheer productivity (not to be confused with the poly-whatever:) and a hint of warm ginger.


Thank You, God, for today. Thank You for my wonderfully flexible kids who can function happily while mommy works the day away. Thank You for our home. Thank You for calling me to manage and serve. You are so wise. Blessings!

Friday, August 13, 2010


As the girls were watching a televised Jonas Brothers' Concert, Mari marveled at the singers' enthusiasm: "Man, that guy in the middle is totally freaking out, huh?" To which Ashlin graciously replied "Well, he IS in the middle of an important performance with a million screaming girls." (let's give him a tiny break, people!)

When I mentioned to Ardyn that she could be a pilot someday, she confidently replied, "Oh, no...I'm going to live a simple life as a country girl...and go shopping a lot!" (she's gonna have to call me, & let me know how that works out:)

Monday, August 09, 2010

Face Time

I spent some time on facebook tonight for the first time in months. I smarted off to a few relatives, giggled at how similar Mommy's lives seem to And then I discovered some heartbreaking news about a childhood friend. That hour of my life stretched the limits of emotions.

With last-minute redemption, I learned of a new song Cindy Foote has written. It is precious.

You may share in the beauty at her blog, "This Poetic Present".



That pretty much sums up my summer. Though I've not travelled abroad, my journeys have been far and wide.

I haven't had a chance to upload my photos, so you are welcome to scoot over to my friend, Kathy's blog for an update of last least for one Johnson darling. (Thanks Kath for being on top of things...and I'm not just talkin' couch cushions:)

Thank You, God, for music. Not to us, Oh Lord...but to Your Name be glory!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Silver Lining

Would you believe THIS was the only option at the rental company??
Zoe & Ardyn couldn't either.
But they made the best of it ALL weekend long:)

Thank You, God, for lavishing Your love upon us. And thank You for shiny sportscars too. Thank You for keeping our family in Your safety as we spent precious time apart. You love us well.

Photos from Virginia

Running out with the Lone Star flag.
The wind-up.
The nasty junk.
My favorite photo of my little man.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Favorite

Philip asked the simple question, "Are we planning to go next weekend?"
After last week's scheduling overload, my knee jerk response was, "PLANNING??? Ummm I don't do that anymore!"

But NOT planning is a horrible way to live, so we press on!

Indeed, one of my favorite things is planning.

Philip would say I spend tons of time planning many wonderful things...leaving myself very little time to actually DO them.

I like organizing a room more than cleaning it.

I like making a grocery list more than going to the actual store.

I like planning out a chore chart more than enforcing it.

I like scheduling the semester more than taking grades.

I like budgeting a project more than saving up the money.

I like listing errands more than running them.

I like brainstorms more than elbow grease.

I'm determined to work on improving my follow-through and stamina, but once I've arrived at a beautiful plan, the fun of life sorta fizzles out. Not really. But sometimes, it feels like it.

This month I am in the midst of Mega-Planning and I love it!
A new year of school.
A new season of Children's Choir.
A brand new project for Women's Ministry.
Some make-shift scheduling for Pseudo-MOPs.
Surely there's one more...

I feel SO ALIVE!!!!(tee-hee)

Dear Lord, I feel the gravity of the proverb, "Man makes his plans, but the Lord orders his steps." Please keep me sensitive to Your work around me. Use me. Thank You for making me this way...I totally enjoy it:) Give me Your strength and wisdom and inSpiration. I love working for You. Thank You for working through me.
I trust in You alone.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Camptown Races

Last week while Ardyn was at dance camp, we stayed in town to play at the park.
Ash & Liz warming up.
Sneaky Mari.
And Luke is off to the races!
Landen's tiger stalls out.
Mari Alice with a winning smile:)

Sunday, August 01, 2010

He Leadeth Me

And the Lord shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought.
-Isaiah 58:11

Wherever He may guide me,
No want shall turn me back;
My Shepherd is beside me,
And nothing can I lack.
His wisdom ever waketh, His sight is never dim -
He knows the way He taketh,
And I will walk with Him.
-Anna L. Waring

Abandon yourself to His care and guidance, as a sheep in the care of a shepherd, and trust Him utterly. No matter though you may seem to yourself to be in the very midst of a desert, with nothing green about you, inwardly or outwardly, and may think you will have to make a long journey before you can get into the green pastures. Our Shepherd will turn that very place where you are into green pastures, for He has power to make the desert rejoice and blossom as a rose.
-H.W. Smith