Thursday, August 30, 2007

Then and Now

(Labor Day 2006)
Little babies need their beauty sleep...
So they can grow up and play dress up with the big girls.

Mari Alice turned ONE last week!
She is walking and talking and singing and dancing all around the house.
Thank You, God, for our littlest "lovely".

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Farther Along

I woke up early yesterday morning. So many things on my mind. Every mental path leading to the same clearing where there's a huge sign that reads "You're Old". It's so weird...I'm at this age where I look in the mirror and behold gray hairs AND pimples. Shouldn't there be some sort of trade-off if I'm really growing up?

Thirty-six years ago my young mother held me for the first time. The photographs indicate that I was born on a bad hair day with jet black, four-inch strands of newborn glory headed in every direction. Apparently bad hair days are passed through the umbilical cord, because the photos of mom seem to verify that one beehive hairdo plus one night of labor equals two "whoa-hey"s and a "wow".

Ok, so about my consuming thoughts on aging....they pressed on late into the night. I was struck with mid-life insomnia. I was wide awake until 3 something this morning. Like my body wouldn't allow itself to embark upon the 37th year. I finally settled down and before long, everyone in the house was starting their day.

I must brag on my husband who after a mere 14 years of intense training achieved gift-giving greatness this year. He splurged not. (Which means there was no budget-associated guilt accompanying my celebration) At first, things looked bleak as he broke rule #1: Don't blow your money on sending flowers, when he called the florist. But he thought it through, took it slow, and ordered a silk arrangement for the dining room table. Plus! It matches PERFECTLY and won't die next week.

The children worshipped my trodden tile all day long. They kissed and hugged; sang and danced; wrote love notes, and obeyed. Nothin' but love, love, love.

Mari went with me to take the boys to football practice. We toodled about town waiting for practice to conclude. We walked around Lowe's and talked about all the cool stuff. Then we went to Big Lots where I found the most perfect creme-colored planter in the shape of an elephant. She said she totally wanted to buy it for my birthday. I bought her some crackers and a Playschool toy to return the favor.

James and Luke teamed up to make some special dreams come true as they cleaned out all the kitchen drawers and lined them with ....drawer liners. Sounds drab, but oh, the love, love, love.

Thank You, Father God, for another day to praise You. Help me keep Your perspective for my days. Thank You for loving me through friends and family. Thank You for my centerpiece and all that it represents. Thank You for being patient with us as we try to better serve you with the resources You've provided. Thank You for my children. You give good gifts! When I think about Your love and all You've done and all You've given ...I have to say "Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!"

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bruh-thuz and Sistas

During these summer days, the view from my patio window is fabulous.
Here's a glimpse...
Ashli and Ardyn

Anna-Banana and Nannen-Pah

Luke x 2

and....Baby Girl!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Fresh Friendship

Last Monday Rachel came to visit with her two boys. It didn't occur to us to get a camera out until they were about to leave. I had bed-head and refused to be photographed, Mari was napping, but we got the older ones together for a couple pics. The kids played really well with each other. I was surprised at how much Rachel and I were able to visit. Philip and James insured that we would have quality time, when they watched all the kiddos so Rachel and I could go eat Mexican food alone. Chips and's an art form!

It was a kick to have her around again. She has been my friend longer than anyone else on earth. Back in the summer of '71 she warmed up the the crowd in the church nursery two months before I made it onto the scene. We would challenge and delight Sunday school teachers, GA leaders, and choir directors for decades to come! (Not to mention our poor parents)

She really hasn't changed. She's still as beautiful and comical as she was when we were teens. I absolutely cherish her honest, straight-forward conversational style and her unconditional acceptance of who I am. I'm confident that besides my dad, she's the first person to ever think I was a very fun girl! Apparently she also thought I was a very wild girl. Can you believe? Yes, she just casually shared it over enchilada's like everybody knew I was a wild child. Something about kissing too many boys... We'll keep that little historical assessment where it belongs: in the past. I've completely cleaned up my act and I only kiss one boy now, 'cause he's simply the best!

I wish Patrick could have made the trip with her. I'm sad that the four of us can't go to dinner....well, Philip invited himself to dinner in Montana. I believe his quote was: "Yeah, that'll be great! You can hang out with Cari so I can go hunt!" Isn't it sweet that he has to pawn me off before he can get to the real fun?

After a pancake brunch, we helped Rachel and the boys get loaded up to leave. The kids were all asking, "When are we/y'all coming back?" It was heart-breaking to admit to them that it would probably be another 3 years. Sad day! At that point her youngest announced that the current set-up was a bummer because "that boy with the blue shirt is my best friend!" We'll nail down details like names later...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Internet Poll

I'm heading up the children's choir for church this year. (Yes, Mother, I have time, and it won't be "too much")
I'm really excited about the opportunity to be a worship leader again. We're changing up the format and so I'd like to introduce a shnazzy new name. I think in the past the 4 & 5 yr olds were "Wee Praise" while the 1st-6th grade were "X-treme Praise" or something like that. In the bulletin they have just been "Kid's Choir". So I need your help:

#1. What are kid's choirs called at your church/in your area?
#2. Do you have a great idea for the naming either one of these choirs?
(Music Makers and Young Musicians are the only names from my very Baptist past)

Please send along all your ideas. I need help!