Wednesday, March 26, 2008

March Update

The first week of March, we decorated for, rehearsed, stressed about, relaxed despite, rehearsed again, and finally got all dressed up and performed our children's musical "Praise Rocks" on March 9. It was complete joy! All 34 kids were present and accounted for... only about 3 little bobbles in 7 scenes, 8 songs, and 45 minutes. They did so well!!!

The following week was a haze of UNdecorating the set and lots of meetings/responsibilities that I had spent all winter postponing until "after the musical". Not really smart....

We took total advantage of state-wide spring break and hooked up with all our out-of-town buddies....well, not ALL, but the major players swapped households for a few days.
James spent Spring Break in Mexico on mission. He returned with trinkets for all, and tales of God's love wonderfully changing people.

Just before Easter, we formed, and poured two new concrete slabs. One for Philip's shop area, and one to extend the patio. The weather was 100% LOVELY and we completely enjoyed watching the whole process. (We ate lunch out there today and the kids felt like they needed to sit ON the concrete....they just sat in a big circle and held their plates in their laps....with two picnic tables within inches, they just plopped right down on the ground. It IS pretty, though!)

Baseball practice started the week of the musical and the boys' first games were this week.
Landen played first base Monday night and his team won. Then last night Luke's team was down 8-2 going into the last inning. The Rockies rallied and as Luke got up to bat, the score was 8-7 with a man on first. Lukie hammered one into left field and hoofed it around the bags. Game-winning home run! Woo-hoo!

Biggest Loser ends next Monday....and if I should be so bold....I think we're gonna win! We've lost over 58 pounds (Philip claims most of that, but hey, it's a team effort, huh?) I'm thrilled to be 22 pounds lighter than I was New Year's Eve. We're gonna go another round, but this time, we're teaming up against Tim's church. The trash talk has begun!

And most importantly, we enjoyed a WONDERFUL worship service on Resurrection Day! Truth & Spirit filled our hearts and that place... Smilin' and Cryin'... He's Alive and I'm Forgiven! Worthy is the Lamb! Thank You for the Cross, Lord. I believe! Hallelujah!