Monday, November 15, 2010

Thankful for my Tribe: Part 1

My Very Own Princess, 2004

Following a sorrowful miscarriage and a quiet season of complete dependency upon God, He blessed us with a cheerfully talkative, brown-eyed girl who would become all things bright and beautiful.

My first daughter.

I named her myself: "Fervant outpouring of Mercy".

Ardyn Grace.

She is stylishly tall with shiny waves of thick brown hair. Her face has tiny features and a light dusting of hereditary freckles. Her one vice: biting her nails. But nonetheless, whether dancing or fishing or lounging, she is certainly lovely.

Ardyn feels strongly and is deeply devoted. She loves to give gifts and she gives gifts to love. She has already secured all but two of her Christmas gifts for family this year, and instead of feeling accomplished, she'd prefer to go another round.

She is so thoughtful...and her mind is forever full of thoughts. Thus, a new case of spirals remains at her disposal for all musings and sketches. Her spirit speaks in the language of poetry and art so she recognizes beauty all around and is quick to offer praise to the One who made it all.

I am thankful for her laughter and song...her passion and purity. Thank You, God, for Ardyn Grace.