Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do What?

Plan A was a thing of beauty. It had held firm for months.

Last week, due to some exhilarating transpirations, we were forced to come up with a new plan. We wanted to do the "right thing". We wanted to follow God's leadership. We were "torn". If I heard my husband say "I'm just torn," once...

Plans B - Q replaced each other faster than you can sing "elemenopy".

Plans R, T & W brought marital strife, while S, U, V & X are not even worth mentioning. Plans Y and Z were just plain silly. Ridiculous, in fact.

Plan AA was long as money was no object and we could figure out how to be in two places at once.

Plans BB-EE sounded too familiar to Plans B-E to be considered seriously.

Plan FF was finalized yesterday morning, then fell through.
Plan GG was finalized yesterday at noon, then fell through.
Plan HH was finalized yesterday at noon-thirty, but in true form, fell through.

I can imagine an angel, poised and ready to bring be great tidings of procedure and God holds him back. "Nope, wait just a her...she's turning another page on that little yellow pad of hers...Isn't she the cutest thing? Let's give her time to try it on her own ONE more time...I want her to be able to SEE the cardboard THROUGH the last page of yellow'll be great, you'll see."

That's when I formulated Plan II... which consisted of several tears and a coping nap. [Plan : I, I, can't even handle this anymore!]

Yesterday afternoon, God stepped in and worked a succession of miracles to meet our needs and direct our steps. It was the most amazing thing. His plan has been in the works for months, even years. His plan includes far more of His children than I would or could have enlisted. His plan is not concrete. Even today, details continue to be altered....while all my concerns continue to be altared.

I almost feel a tiny bit sorry for laid-back, people. Those folks, who roll with the punches, fly by the seat of their pants while letting junk roll off their duck-inspired backs, and then sleep deeply and effortlessly despite not knowing how it's all gonna work out...I wonder if they possess adequate appreciation for this particular aspect of God's character:)

Do oblivious souls, er, I mean, flexible, non-control-freakish types - do they know what a big deal this is? I understand. I know -in earthly shadows, with veiled perception - all that it takes to coordinate and orchestrate and prioritize and organize a group of people through the completion of inter-related, yet mutually exclusive activties. To some extent, I do it every day.

So when God - in His infinite wisdom, careful concern, and supernatural skill - when God lays out such a beautiful and well-designed plan, I stand in awe. I worship Him for His unending kindness and remarkable administration of order and grace.

Thank You, God, for being patient with me, even when I'm not patient. Thank You for having a perfect plan when all of my plans are heart-breakingly flawed. You are my One and Only:)