Monday, August 16, 2010

Scratch and Sniff

Today might have been the most productive day I've lived in years - domestically speaking.

Shortly after cleaning up breakfast and overseeing the "changing of the zones", I delegated toddler duty to Luke while Landen and Ashli began their lessons. I went outside to the patio where Philip had placed the dining room table. No, he was not wishing for an alfresco luncheon...he knew I wanted to refinish the table top today.

And so I did. I sanded all 24 square feet of that bad boy. A couple hours later, palm sanding had caused my limbs to go numb, and the uninsulated tin roof of the patio had caused my clothes to be drenched. One fun fact: Sweat is to sawdust like tar is to feathers. Not good.

Next, I stained the top to match the pedestal legs. And while everyone else was helping themselves to lunch, I sealed it with several coats of poly-whatever...the stinky stuff. Then it was "in again, in again, to cook a fat hen." Ok, not really a fat hen, but certainly a mother lode of food.

FIRST, I showered. THEN while some were napping and some were reading, I mixed up some ginger cookie dough, and a crustless spinach quiche & muffins for tonight's dinner. Also, I went ahead and assembled the roast beef pitas with horseradish cream sauce for tomorrow's lunch.

By the time I took the quiche and muffins out of the oven, the cookie dough was chilled enough for me to work with. And by "work with" of course, I mean: roll into cute little balls while beating off the buzzards with a wooden spoon. "Just ONE more bite, Mom...PLEASE!!!"

As soon as I cleaned up the kitchen from cooking, everyone helped me move the table inside. We all agreed it is quite lovely. After the second of two wiffle ball games, I served dinner and finally cleaned up the kitchen fer realzies.

The girls all got baths, and books, and bed. The fellas got Ranger play-by-play and hopefully showers on their own time. Now I sit. Arms sore. Shoulders sore. Honestly, my pinkies are even sore.

I must be a colossal wimp.

A colossal wimp whose home is filled with the aroma of sheer productivity (not to be confused with the poly-whatever:) and a hint of warm ginger.


Thank You, God, for today. Thank You for my wonderfully flexible kids who can function happily while mommy works the day away. Thank You for our home. Thank You for calling me to manage and serve. You are so wise. Blessings!