Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday Favorite

Philip asked the simple question, "Are we planning to go next weekend?"
After last week's scheduling overload, my knee jerk response was, "PLANNING??? Ummm I don't do that anymore!"

But NOT planning is a horrible way to live, so we press on!

Indeed, one of my favorite things is planning.

Philip would say I spend tons of time planning many wonderful things...leaving myself very little time to actually DO them.

I like organizing a room more than cleaning it.

I like making a grocery list more than going to the actual store.

I like planning out a chore chart more than enforcing it.

I like scheduling the semester more than taking grades.

I like budgeting a project more than saving up the money.

I like listing errands more than running them.

I like brainstorms more than elbow grease.

I'm determined to work on improving my follow-through and stamina, but once I've arrived at a beautiful plan, the fun of life sorta fizzles out. Not really. But sometimes, it feels like it.

This month I am in the midst of Mega-Planning and I love it!
A new year of school.
A new season of Children's Choir.
A brand new project for Women's Ministry.
Some make-shift scheduling for Pseudo-MOPs.
Surely there's one more...

I feel SO ALIVE!!!!(tee-hee)

Dear Lord, I feel the gravity of the proverb, "Man makes his plans, but the Lord orders his steps." Please keep me sensitive to Your work around me. Use me. Thank You for making me this way...I totally enjoy it:) Give me Your strength and wisdom and inSpiration. I love working for You. Thank You for working through me.
I trust in You alone.