Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Review: Atonement Child

If you know me, you've heard me talk about "my Kathy". I use this possessive modifier as a term of endearment. I plan to love her forever and even though she knows me through and through, she still loves me well. She is smart and thoughtful and quick to laugh. She is a bridge-builder ... constantly connecting people and resources to encourage and inspire.

Welcome my dear friend, Kathy, as she shares her response to her most recent read. -cdj

In the past months, while trying to avoid the details of the Gosnell trial, I've prayed with someone who had an abortion, I've watched the 180 Movie, and have read Atonement Child.  God speaks in themes, doesn't He?

Have you ever really thought about abortion? Do you have answers with qualifiers? When asked about the issue, do you regurgitate answers that you have heard or been taught or have you really thought critically, prayed fervently and sought Godly wisdom regarding the issue?

Atonement Child by Francine Rivers revolves around a Christian girl in college who is faced with heart-wrenching, soul-searching decisions after a brutal rape.  The choices all come down to whose voice she is listening to – her family, her friends, professors, her church, strangers, or doctors. Everyone is offering advice but to whom will she ultimately choose to listen?  The book is powerful, painful, truthful and not easily put down.  It is the kind of story that causes you to dwell on the characters even after you have put the book down.

The main issue is that we often receive advice from Christians that is not Godly wisdom from the Holy Spirit but worldly views.  The danger is when we offer advice from that same world view. Whose voice are you listening to?

There is grace for women who have had abortions.
There is grace for women who chose not to have abortions but to give their baby up for adoption.
And there is grace for women who have been judgmental about either one.
Life is full of choices. Are we offering condemnation or grace?

I recently heard a speaker say that “We are not the fourth part of the Trinity.”  Let that sink in.  It should feel like a double-edged sword because it is so true.  We are not the judge or jury...
We are simply sister-sinners in need of God's grace. 

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