Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday, March 17, 2009...

Outside my window... As the lawn drains and dries from last week's relentless rainfall, fresh bunches of bright green clover and new rounds of floral weeds sprout up throughout the yard.

I am thinking...about my sister-in-law, Rebecca. She's due to give birth at any moment, and I cannot get that girl outa my brain. We are separated by a couple thousand miles, and it's times like this when I wish I could change that geographic annoyance.

I am thankful for...God's forgiveness. And the hope He offers. It makes life "doable"...for everyone.

From the learning rooms...The boys are working on their final research project on the Alamo. Ardyn is learning to count back change (which gives her more accounting skills than the average sales clerk these days.) Ashlin is cool. Mari wants to know why we never include sixes and nines in her flashcards...she's not cool with that.

From the kitchen...I made Pasta e Fagioli for dinner, and an easy egg quiche with cinnamon rolls for breakfast tomorrow.

I am wearing...my paint pants, and my D-Now 2000 paint shirt. (The last bathroom cabinet door is painted...hush.)

I am creating...three new color schemes for the kids' bedrooms. I'm thinking I need to keep the walls neutral, but they each want to express themselves with different colors. I love colors, so this is fun!

I am going...nowhere this week. Public schools are on Spring Break. Our three-week break is in May, so we're doing school, but all our outside activities have been cancelled. i.e: baseball, softball, AWANA, choir, etc.

I am reading...Better Homes and Gardens and Southern Living. I like to read them as soon as they arrive, then pass them along. Anybody?

I am hoping...to be able to keep walking (for exercise) throughout this pregnancy. Yesterday, the two miles brought on painful cramps. I don't want to get (even more) out of shape. I went low impact today with weights, and I'll try a few miles again tomorrow.

I am hearing...impromptu movie night in my room. Philip and all 5 kids are crammed onto our bed. It's sort of sweet. They all have to lie really still so they don't fall off. I doubt Mari will make it through the whole flick.

Around the house...mild clutter, a light layer of dust, and complete job security.

One of my favorite things...is my piano. The tuner came yesterday, and we've been taking turns "jamming" all day. I was reading an instrumental piece from a book, and Ardyn (the consummate singer) walked up. "This isn't a real song!"

A few plans for the rest of the week...possible paint job on a room or two, morning lessons, afternoon naps, and evening walks outside. JW returns from his mission trip by Friday which means datenight Saturday (Big Yay)

Here is picture thought I am sharing...no photo, but one more story... This evening Ardyn and I were talking about possible names for the baby. She said one of my suggestions was a "kid name", and the other was an "adult name". Then she realized that she would still be called "Ardyn" when she's my age. I assured her that she would LOVE the way her husband says her name.

In a strange moment of insecurity, she said, "IF there is a husband who wants me." I reassured her that there would be countless men interested in spending time with her, and that we would have to send them away: "You're not good enough, You're not good enough, and You, sir, are definitely not good enough!" She asked me if we would pick a good guy. Surprised that she would allow us to, I promised we would.

Then, with wisdom and purity beyond her years, she said, "Mom! When you pick someone, you're going to have to ask him a few questions, right? Like 'Do you love Jesus with all your heart?' and 'Do you want to worship the One True God with our lovely daughter?'"

Note to self...

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