Saturday, March 07, 2009

Loving Every Minute

What a peaceful, breezy afternoon! Thank You, God, for a lovely day.

Philip and the boys went to Tyler do take care of some stuff for Papaw. They plan to drive directly to the game tonight, so I'll just see them tomorrow. (I can't do a post-bedtime, out-of-town game WITH a time change on a Saturday night - sorry) Ardyn and Ash have some friends over, Mari is napping, and James is at a wedding. Oscar and I are "straightening my desk", which simply means Oscar is snoozing under my chair and I am blogging. Lord, be with my menfolk and keep them today.

I have mushroom pot roast cooking for supper. The girls and I can put a little dent in it, and leave the rest for tomorrow's lunch. The billowing steam in the crock pot makes the lid rise and fall in a tapping rhythm. Outside, the wind chimes embellish the beat with high pitched syncopation. Open windows allow sounds and smells to breeze back and forth as floral fragrances chase wafts of savory aroma all through the house. An improvisational dance of Spring. Thank You, God, for Springtime and Supper. You are Good in every way.

I need to iron for tomorrow and finalize some things for MP3's concert tomorrow night. I REALLY should clean out my closet, but frankly, I'm skeered. There are clothes that won't fit this summer, and should not be allowed to just hang out until they regain their usefulness. There are winter clothes that should also be hidden away for a while. An entire shelf full of random school books, old financial forms, and too many unorganized photos waits to be dealt with. Shoes, sleeping bags, wrapping paper, and office supplies. See? Be very afraid. Lord, please help me be a good steward of all the STUFF you've let me manage. Give my Your perspective as I give things away and organize what stays.

I can hear the girls and their friends playing outside. I love the purity of young girls' glee. They find delight in the slightest amusement. Delight is contagious and no one giggles alone. They sit on the grass with their folded knees touching each other's - forming a little square. I can only imagine what they might be discussing or dreaming, while the wind blows their hair back and forth across their effortless smiles. Lord protect their innocent joy.

It's time to "finish" straightening my desk, which really means: Oscar gets to keep snoozin', and I have to get off the computer. Thank You, Father, for who You are and all that You've promised for today. I love you.