Sunday, March 01, 2009

Day Off

Today I drove to Longview to worship with JW at MBC. Point of Grace was in concert AND he has high speed internet in his office, so it was a no brainer. Philip spent the whole day with his children. They were all really excited about my day off. After I readied the children and sent them to the early service with Philip, I had just enough time to finish my hair and head out the door.

30 minutes of praise and worship
in a car, I mean "Sunday School" was great. The worship service was full of Spirit and Truth. The sermon was practical, concise and inspiring.

After church, James and I had just enough time to grab some "Bueno", grab some whoppers and junior mints, then make it to the matinee of "Madea Goes To Jail".

Good flick. Madea's character says "hell" alot. More than I. It's an adverb. It's the object of prepositions. It's everywhere. But somehow it's irresistibly funny. I find it remarkable that Tyler Perry can write/direct/produce a string of movies that present the truths of redemption and forgiveness with blatant boldness. And it is received. It is applauded. Moral of the story: Perhaps believers might be more effective communicators of grace if we weren't afraid to use the word "hell".

After the movie, we ran into Sam's to get Philip his monthly supply of berries and nuts. I also bought a folding table for my laundry room. Get it? Folding table. It folds. I use it to fold clothes. Never mind.

I said, "This has been a very fun day."
"Plus!" was JW's reciprocated response.

He drove me back to my car, and I headed back to town for a Children's Council meeting.

30 minutes of praise and worship
in a car
twice in one day

CC meeting
MP3 (last week before Spring concert)
Hug and Kiss the hubby cause I missed that guy all day long.
Hug and Kiss the chih'ren cause I missed those peeps [off & on] all day long.

Came home with the family and filled requests for nachos. I discreetly had a sandwich and kept my "bueno" fill to myself.

While I was off, Philip was apparently on. He served lunch, replaced ceiling fans in two bedrooms and commissioned the cleaning of all bedrooms. He washed a load of clothes AND made it to an ETBU softball game with the kids before taking them to church.
What a guy.

A little blogging, a little folding of the hands to sleep...

Dear Father, thank You for today. Thanks for the time together. Thanks for the time with JW. Thanks for the time Philip was able to spend with the kids. We all love YOU so much! You are good all the time!