Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Every Day's a Holiday with Mari

Last night, Uncle JW came to take Mari Alice out for her special birthday date.  She spent all afternoon getting ready.  She wore her striped sun dress and pink high heels.  She pulled her hair up and tied it with a pink and green ribbon.  When asked if she wanted to go to Chili's, she said "no".  She said it sounded like it might be cold in that place and that the food sounded spicy.

On their ride through town, she told JW she wanted to be a doctor when she grows up.  He asked why.  She said that she wanted to help sick people get better.  He asked what might happen if sick people couldn't get help from a doctor.  She tilted her head down and looked up at him, "Well, that would be no bueno!!"

JW thought he'd joke with her a bit, so he asked "What if I were to get sick right now?"  Then he began to cough and clear his throat.  She resumed her sassy gaze and cut through his hypochondria, "JW, Seriously????"

Today, Mari Alice turns FIVE years old.  She has been looking forward to today since last August.

She has a friend over to play with her new toys and sandbox.  Mari wants to go "swimming as a family" later and for her special meal she chose "mac'n'cheese with applesauce".  I upgraded dinner by adding venison poppers and salad.  She requested a pink cake with sprinkles and "big ol' marshmallows to hold the candles".

We will continue to accommodate her every preference.  She is very deserving of some special treatment.  I love her wit and intelligence, her beauty and humor.  Philip called from work earlier and I overheard their conversation.  He must have said something about not having a 4yr-old daughter anymore.  She assured him, "Dad, it's ok...you have one more 4yr old coming along...that would be your daughter, Elizabeth!"
Thank You, God, for Mari Alice.  She is a delight!  Thank You for giving her good friends, fun times, and a future with a hope.