Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Since You Asked

Landen and Luke are attending Texas Early College High School.  Philip and I have spent the last year exploring our options for outsourcing their education.  We felt like it was time for the next step.  Having them out of the house for part of the day would be great for them and good for me and the girls.

Ardyn was discussing the "new deal" with my friend and in my defense, she explained, "My mom is only one woman, you know!"   (This just in...breaking news!)  Philip felt like we were all ready for a change of scenery, and that the girls could greatly benefit from a little more of my concentrated time.

The first day, we proved him right.  Ardyn and Ashlin each played with Elizabeth for 45 minutes each.  That afforded Mari and I an hour and a half for her lessons.  The rest of the time, the little girls played and read and did art.  I was monitoring them while still available for questions from the big girls.  During nap time after lunch, I was able to help the older girls a little more extensively...and quietly:)

We look forward to more lasting benefits emerging from our new normal.  We miss the boys' help and hugs and handsomeness, but we are just fine without the bickering, burping and body slams. you know:)