Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School

The boys attended their first day of TECHS.  They were minimally nervous and displayed it in different ways.  Landen kept asking if he could put the girls in the car - even though classes didn't start for almost an hour.  Luke kept brushing his hair over.  I was excited.

Once we dropped them off, the girls and I returned home to start our own set of lessons.  With a little teamwork, we were able to finish each girl's assignments except for seat work and read-alones before we drove to pick up the boys.

As per their verbal assessments, school went fine.  Luke's only concern was that tomorrow he "definitely needs to take a brush and a mirror."  Really?  He did sound happy.  He'll have a cubical to personalize and organize.  Do you think he'll actually hang the mirror on the wall of his work space and store the brush in his pencil cup?

Landen said that just as he entered the building, a visibly nervous girl came up to him.  They had worked together at the fireworks stand this summer.  She said, "You HAVE to let me stand with you because you're the only person I know at this whole school!"  Before he had a chance to embrace his own insecurities, the Lord offered him an opportunity to be secure and allow his newfound confidence to be a blessing to a friend.

Thank You, God, for a good first day.  May we continue to learn to seek You first...