Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Walkin' & Talkin'

Mari walked briskly beside the stroller to keep up.  I was enjoying a gentle pace, but trying hard to keep up with her questions.

"Aren't those flowers pretty?"
"Do you hear those birds chirping?  Chirp!  Chirp!"
"What are those bike thingies they have by their driveway?"
"Did you see how I was careful to jump over that ant pile?"

Several more followed, but this one caught my attention:

"But Mom, how do you hear God speak if you can't hear Him?"

My best response on the go:

Well, you have to learn to hear His voice.  A lot of what He wants to say, He has already said in the Bible.  So when you have a question or a problem, He has most likely already given an answer in His Word.  For instance, the Bible says, "I am Your God who holds your right hand.  I say to you, 'do not be afraid, for I will help you!'"  So, when you are feeling afraid, and you ask Him to help you, He can bring to your mind His Word.  It's like He says, "Mari, remember, daughter, I am Your God and I am with you...don't be afraid."

Elizabeth interjects with a crisis.
Liz: Hey!  There's a bug on my leg.
Me: Well, shoo it away!" (Yes, shoo is a verb.)
Liz: No!  I don't want to!
Me: Just flick it away with your hand and say, "Shoo, Fly!"

(long pause to muster courage)
A timid swat and stern command.

Liz: I did it!  I shooed that bug away from my leg!  Mari!  You know what I did? I shooed that bug off my leg!  Are you so happy for me?

And as though we had never been interrupted by the pest control situation, Mari continued her query.

"Good job, Gizzy!"
"Are we having sandwiches for lunch?"
"Did you see my scrape on my belly? It was from that tree I climbed." 
"Can I run up to the red mailbox and come back?"

She ran ahead, her shiny hair swinging side to side with each jog.  As she hurried back and rejoined the stroller stride, she remarked with wisdom beyond her age...

"I think it's just like being patient for your garden to grow...waiting for God to answer your questions."

I asked her where she learned that.

"I am just learning about being patient."

Thank You, God, for a glimpse into my daughters' hearts.  Hold us all so close to You, please.  Thank You for Your Word.  Thank You for Your presence.  Thank You for speaking to us in scripture and in our soul.  "Who are we that You are mindful of us?"