Monday, April 23, 2012

Joy Dare 4.23.12

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...

I thank God for things woven together:

preschool place mats
lattice fencing
the stories of our lives
Gifts inherited:

my mom's love of an informative, color-coded chart
my dad's appreciation for a well spoken response
my gramma's ring that she wanted to go ahead and give to me personally...she makes me smile.

3 Gifts Square:

the board of compounding spaces
letter tiles
how I won the scrabble game: fair & ____ :)

A gift stacked:

freshly laundered hand towels
A gift stashed:

bags of piles and piles of bags
A gift stilled:

the baby when I hug her tight

Gifts found in Christ:

common temptations
uncommon lifestyle
victory, peace, and hope

Gifts close:

a humble love for children who see my ugliness and still love me
Scripture and song to fill my heart
pen and paper for the overflow

And gifts reflecting:
inquisitive children distracted by themselves in my sunglasses
Mari's nose, Ashlin's mouth, Ardyn's eyes, Elizabeth's cheeks...all mirrors of their momma
distorted sun drenched kitchen shining off the side of a silver cooking pot