Saturday, March 10, 2012

Joy Dare 3.10.12

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...

Boys returning to school.
Boys returning home from school.
Looking forward to my boys returning home once they've found their own place in the world.

Bright spring green grass - growing wild or freshly mowed - beautiful.
The perfect shade of rye grass green I selected years ago for my kitchen.
My favorite G2 ink pen - faithfully found in my front purse pocket.

My glasses - taken for granted so often - my clarifying windows to the world.
Walking shoes - around and around and around the block we go!
Black capris - suitable for almost any occasion.

The weighty knowledge of other people's struggles.
The overwhelming sense that we are all the same.
Allowing Grace to level the field and heal to the core.

The "no kids in our bed" rule - slightly bent for the tiniest darling.
The "lame, ridiculous [protective]" rules that our teens choose to rebel against.
Relationship reigns over rules.

Kitchen Lemon hand soap.
Steamed cabbage and onions.
Kettle corn.

Oscar's bark.
Luke's holler.
K-Love all the way up.

Candle holders from Tim.
Elephants from Dad.
Turkey from the board.

The idea that I can do all things.
Faith is the victory.
My hope is built on nothing less.