Saturday, October 22, 2011


Today, Elizabeth and I spent the whole day at home together.  Philip took the other kiddos to watch Luke play in his final tournament.  They romped in red dirt and drank water from the cooler while she and I enjoyed chatting and chores - and a few snugly books.

I am completely sick  of being in the kitchen.  Sorry.  There is no joy in cooking these days.  Philip is half-way through a 21 day nutritional cleanse.  Ashlin & I are supporting him by following the same guidelines...just not in liquid form.  She and I like to CHEW our food.  Mari is on the bubble.  She wants to eat the expensive sanctified food to prove she is on the cleanse too, but she would like to have donut holes at church. 

The rest of the gang is eating "normally".  They have learned not to gripe.  Since the cleanse food is all natural, primarily veggies, it would be way more nutritious and WAY more simple for me to just offer everyone a smoothie.  They receive their toasted cheese with a submissive grin.

As a result of differing criteria and preferences for these few weeks, I find myself in and about the kitchen at.all.times.  I have never been tired of cooking.  I am.  Making fresh meals using whole ingredients takes LOTS of time.  My attention span is being tested and tried.

Some meals are simply a matter of dividing the main dish and omitting the dairy and grains.  A couple times, the contradiction has been comical.  Over here, a spinach smoothie; over there, boxed mac'n'cheese.  Ashlin and I are only committed through this Friday.  Philip should finish up a week from Wednesday.  Then hopefully I can concentrate on fun-filled tasks in OTHER parts of the house.

So Liz and I talked about life...and
baked talapia,
steamed beans,
baked sweet potatoes,
sauteed cabbage and
made breakfast smoothies for tomorrow.

Despite my pouty, snarky attitude, I am really quite pleased with Philip's resolve.  I do want to take a little extra time to provide less processed food for the fam...this past week was just a bit much.  I enjoy cooking and baking and soaking and searing and chopping and steaming and blending and boiling.  I just usually like to pick one or two and call it a meal:)

Elizabeth and I also found time to cuddle up with some books like, "Maisy Goes Camping", "Christmas Dogs" (which is d.u.m. dum), "Martina -the Beautiful Cockroach", and "Trees are Plants".

She cleaned her kitchen while I cleaned mine. (all 7 times)  She played counting bears while I sorted through the pile of clothes left over from the garage sale.  She tee-teed on the potty a BUNCH, and took a good, drooly nap while I chatted with a friend.  All in all, a productive day at a relaxed pace with the bonus option of no fussy make-up, hair, or wardrobe.
Dear Father, thank you for good food.  Thank You for wisdom and self-control.  Thank You for Your strength that is made perfect in my weakness.  Thank You for forgiving my weak and pitiful mood.