Monday, October 24, 2011

Multitude 10.24.11

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...

the nook table piled high with evidence of a happy, active family
crescents of crisp green apple lie in a pile on the cutting board
the harvest platter we found on top of the fridge...just in time
toile fabric paired with checks - textile happiness
onions and lemons crowd together in the basket...waiting their turn to start something great

the vintage crested mug from my dad's alma of the few things here older than I

the woman who rolled down her car window just to compliment my child
kind acquaintances who comfort and cheer
true friends who hold me accountable
courageous kindred spirits who are devoted to my messy life

Philip asking me "What can I do to help" ...more than a few times yesterday:)
Landen's cheerful "Yes Ma'am" almost every time I ask something of him
Luke offering me a hug when I came home visibly tired
Ardyn's lovely new shoes that satisfy her stylish preferences despite my lean budget - a rarity indeed
Ashlin playing happily with her friend all afternoon...never a cross word or selfish ambition
Mari Alice's beautiful work ethic in a choir filled with older children
Elizabeth asking for me to "hold her like a baby"

God's prodigal love - lavishly abundant
Plunging deeper - even overwhelmed by fresh understanding of that love
Realizing there's still a lifetime of learning ahead