Tuesday, January 15, 2013

19th Anniversary

I love this picture because it's undeniable that I'm in love. In that moment I thought Philip Johnson was the greatest thing ever...and he's never given me reason to change my mind...in fact he has patiently and lovingly offered every kind of security for both my heart and mind.

These were my bridesmaids, Rachel, my very first and closest friend; Tracy, my dearest friend from OBU; Jami, my confidant and colleague at ETBU; and Rebecca, my roommate & sister-in-law. What a rich gathering of character, beauty, and grace to offer laughter and support that day.

wow. There is really no telling. My brothers plus Tyler buds plus Longview pals equals a good, good time.

Isn't this sweet? Our dear, sweet parents. Is it my imagination or do our mothers look like they could be sisters? Beauties! And my dad is cracking me up...now I know from whence I inherited the "open mouth concentration" gene. Ever seen me use a pair of scissors? I get it honest:)

Thank You, God, for giving Philip the courage to chase me down twenty years ago...and for giving him wisdom and patience from on high. Thank You for granting me courage - if even for a moment - to step out in faith and take hold of one of YOUR greatest blessings in all my life. You are so wise and kind. You have taught us how to love and we give You all the glory!