Thursday, December 30, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday, December 30, 2010...

Outside my window...warm & muggy weather. Really??

I am remembering...last new year's weekend.

I am thankful kiddos. They are not perfect...they're not even manageable at times, but I love them dearly, and I am so happy to be able to spend my days with them: learning and growing and --for the most part -- having a pretty fun time.

I am creating...two more stockings for my brother's ever-growing family. I'm behind, and I am excited about sewing. Barring any late spring "announcements" from their family, I should be able to meet the November deadline with ease.

I am try to find a new purse this month. My REALLY cool, big, purple one from two Christmases ago is aged and ready to retire. sniff.

I am reading...the Hobbit with Ardyn and a wonderful Bible story book that was a Christmas gift from Washington.

I am establish a theme for the women's newsletters this year. I feel aimless and theme-less. Ideas?

On my brief and full 2010 seems from this vantage.

From the learning rooms... Mari Alice wrote her friend's name and her own on a card for a birthday party today. She really did. I watched her do it as I put on my make-up. It was beautiful work. But instead of sibling celebration for such a motor skill break-through, she was met with disbelief and skepticism from every side. No one would believe her, so she finally just said, "YALL! I really did this. I'll do it again right now...A.B.B.Y. (see??) M.A.R.I. (see, that's a good R, huh?) A.L.I.C.E. There! And now for the balloon with a 4 on it because Abby turned 4 just like me only this is December and January is next and we keep going until August and I will turn 5 WAY before Abby does. OK? OK!"

Noticing that...I am very sleepy.

Pondering these words... "Apart from Me, you can do nothing."

From the kitchen...wild boar that was inadvertently cooked with the bullet in it. Awaiting the poison verdict. Tons of stuff for cool toaster sandwiches tomorrow...ammunition-free:)

Around the house...girls are having a "sleep-over" in one room, fellas are bonding in the living room, I am happily alone.

One of my favorite things... the homemade LaraBars I made over the holidays. Dates and nuts in a processor for 3 minutes = little chunks of heaven.

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