Saturday, January 01, 2011


I always sign my messages, "Enjoy today!"

It is an honest hope and blessing for each person to discover some amount of God's joy in each day...regardless of circumstance.

One of my OBU friends was killed in a hunting accident Thursday. I remember John as a kind - and charmingly goofy- gentlemen who loved Jesus and loved life. I can picture his smile right now...even though it's been 20 years since I've seen it.

Philip was sitting with me when I read the news...tears just began to flow...I've been missing my dad for the last couple days...all my kids went hunting with their dad this morning...probably a lot of complicated emotions, but a deep sadness and sense of shock came over me. I know the Lord is not shocked, and I fully trust Him.

This morning as I sent a message to his wife, I locked up as I closed the note. "Enjoy today?" Really? How could she possibly?

Less than a week ago, she posted this on her blog. Our only hope for discovering joy is in the arms of a kind and compassionate God who has promised to withhold anything we cannot handle, and provide everything we need. Praise Him.

Thank You, God, for John Franklin and his undeniable friendship with You:)