Friday, January 01, 2010

Best Day I've Had This Year!

Why I love starting a fresh new year with my Kathy:

She is patient and smiley.
She lets me be exactly who I really am.
She wears dark solid colors and one set of jewelry...Plain Janes are we!
She finds increasing amounts of happiness with each moment spent in B&N.
She is decisive.
She is decisive. (Double credit awarded for that very nice quality!)
She is inspirational and encouraging.
She is humble and good.
She will gently tell me when I'm wrong.
She laughs at my stories.

AND...when I accidentally leave something behind and she says she will mail it to me...I know for sure that she will.
She's just that way.
Dependably sweet.
Sweetly dependable.

Thank You, God, for a wonderful start to 2010. Thank You for my dear friend, Kathy. You have blessed me year after year with deepening roots and blossoming beauty of our friendship. Thank You for loving me through her. Bless our homes and draw us closer to You. (And thank You for Philip and Josh & Kathy & Johnathan and Lauren for allowing today to unfold so wonderfully) I LOVE YOU!!