Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Laundry Girl

As I finished up the breakfast dishes, I asked Mari Alice to help me by removing the clothes from the dryer. Since the time she dragged an armful of sopping towels to the couch, she has been careful to clarify which machine we are talking about. She hasn't quite mastered "left" and "right", so we usually have a lengthy discussion prior to her act of service.

Today's sounded like this.

Mom: "Mari, could you get the clothes out of the dryer?"
Mari: "Sure! (pause) The dryer?"
Mom: "Yes, the dryer."
Mari: "The wet one?"
Mom: "Not the washer; the dryer. Ok?"

And I suppose since her opposite puzzle set doesn't include "wash & dry" as an acceptable mainstream pairing...

Mari: "Ok, but can we just call'em The Wetter and The Dryer?"

Thank You, God, for Mari Alice. She is so helpful and bright. Thank You for giving us each day to love and learn. You're the Best!