Thursday, January 07, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Thursday, January 7, 2010...

Outside my window...Honkin' COLD! Predicted wind chill of zero degrees tonight. Frostbitten Texans, anyone?

I am cold it was last Christmas when we took the kids to $ilver Doll@r City. Even forty dollars worth of REALLY good hot cocoa couldn't keep us warm. But it was big, cold, fun.

I am thankful for...Elizabeth. I cannot imagine life without her. She is a beautiful note on which to end the song of childbirth.

I am creating...quilted stockings for next Christmas...and a musical for MP3.

I am drive Landen to his first DNow tomorrow night. (sniff, sigh)

I am the evenings - Your God is Too Safe by Mark Buchanan and to the kids after lunch - The Potato Chip Puzzle by Eric Berlin.

I am hoping...that Philip is safe and sound as he goes out into this weather to restore some one's power. Dear Lord, please surround Philip with Your safety and warmth.

On my mind...purposeful and diligent living. It's January, what can I say??

From the learning rooms...wrapping up the 3rd quarter. One more round of spiral notebooks, a box of pencils and some G2 pens (Luke settles for nothing less than the best), and we'll have this year in the bag.

Noticing that...I'm on my third glass of ice water this evening and I'm still thirsty. My lips are chapped too. Wish I could turn the heater down, but I'd freeze all the darlings.

Pondering these words... "No one has EVER been TOO Heavenly minded. You can be of no earthly good, that's for sure; but it's NOT because you're too heavenly minded. When you have hope, 2 Peter says 'You purify yourselves as He is pure,' and you become dangerous, radical, holy, loving, self-sacrificing servants on the planet until He returns." -John Piper "Subjected in Hope" 12/29/09

From the kitchen...Spaghetti, salad, green beans, and cheesy bread.

Around the house...Philip just left, but he was enjoying the UT game with the boys. Ardyn's reading in her room and the other girls are asleep. Oscar is visibly weighing the options of warm fire in the living room verses drafty spot under Momma's computer chair in the bedroom. His constant relocation speaks of his indecision and sense of chill.

One of my favorite things...B@th'n'B@dyW@rks hand soap. Everyone knows I MUST have kitchen lemon at the kitchen sink, but since Christmas I have scented foam in both bathrooms. There's no more asking the kids if they washed with soap. When they return from their biznez, hands- dampened and heavily fragranced -verify their righteousness. Hallelujah! Cotton Blossom and Sugar Fig ROCK!

From my picture journal...

Our Thanksgiving Cabin, HornCreek 2009

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