Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mother's Day Out --with half a dozen darlings

A fun, full day...

I had an appointment with the dermatologist in the town where my middle brother has been spending his holiday. He met me in the parking lot and graciously took my carload of kiddos to a lot of parks. Simultaneously generated good reports.

The kids and I then went to scope out the seemingly endless opportunities to spend Christmas monies. We started slowly at Sam's by browsing entertainment and apparel, then making utilitarian purchases such as salad, broccoli, and vanilla. But after a bountiful luncheon at the pizza combo check-out, we were energized to explore further options.

The boys desired some concentrated time at the sporting goods store, so the ladies and I diligently sought fashionable bargains at a nearby department store. As it came time for Elizabeth's lunch, we scaled new heights of effective time management and multi-tasking. The boys teamed up to run into the grocery for several random yet necessary items, and we stayed in the car. I fed the baby while Ardyn read aloud from a Wishbone book, and Ash texted Grammy. Mari quietly delighted in her new toys.

Within twenty minutes we were back on track. We drove back into town and stopped by our favorite consignment shop. Each of the children were thrilled to find terrific deals on stuff they've "always wanted". Since I had a credit balance, I granted many wishes and spent zero "real-live" dollars. Nice.

Finally -after being at large for more than seven hours- we scurried home to prepare dinner for the previously mentioned uncle and his precious family. Parmesan Baked Talapia, Tossed Salad, Creamed Sweet Potatoes, Seasoned Black Beans, and Aunt Kathy brought her FAMOUS Spinach-Artichoke Dip. Cookie bars with coffee and the crackle of a fire brought the cozy evening to a gentle close.

4 out of 6 Johnson children made bedtime statements similar to: "Today was really fun, Mom. Thank you."

I whole&happy-heartedly agree.

(Understandably, the littlest ones were too fatigued to remain so optimistic)

Thank You, God, for my children and for Christmas and for being so Good. "Today was really fun. Thank you."