Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Days of Labor

Where the heck have I been?

I used to have lots of fun keeping a blog.

What happened?

Well, let's see...

My baby brother, James, came back to East Texas. Then, almost immediately flew to South Dakota to help with a church plant. His friend from Colorado, Katie, stayed with us while he was away. We had a huge time organizing cupboards, sharing stories and contemplating life's greater callings.

Of the many benefits Katie offered, two were of utmost importance. One was the lending of her wireless mouse. That little electronic varmint made it possible for me to finish the new Women's Ministry newsletter with few frustrations. Second was the introduction of her favorite veggie dish: Chopped Purple Cabbage with Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and salt. So simple, very yummy and even better the next day.

So, the newsletter, "Branches" was successfully mailed out yesterday. Mp3 kids' choir fires up this coming Sunday night. And my summer piano gig has been extended so I will still be accompanying the Methodists across town until further notice.

As far as school, the kids are finding their groove. Both girls have their first scripture passage memorized...Ash has learned Gen 1:1-5, and Ardyn has learned Isaiah 53:1-6. Landen is doing well, and Luke has hit his 10 week wall. He'll snap out of it, I'm sure. He's so bright...but got his attention span for all things new and exciting from his mom.

The deer lease has been bush-hogged. For those who were concerned...

I repainted the dining room and almost finished the new curtains before something snapped in my lower back and my left leg went numb. Couldn't walk. Couldn't sit. Couldn't lay. I was slap out of comfortable postures. I had the first of many visits to the chiropractor today and hopefully I'll be back to "peachy" soon.

And as if bush-hoggin and drape-sewin don't getcha in the Labor Day mood, we have BABIES!!! Long awaited, fat, healthy, gorgeous, bow-head babies.

BFF Kathy gave birth to a beautiful blue-eyed miracle named Kate on Saturday. You can pop over to see her photos she posted to her blog.

And SIL, aka Super-freakin-Momma ran down the road this morning for a brief visit with the midwife and was back before breakfast with baby Abigail in tow. Their photos are on facebook.

Thank you God, for all the wonderful things to which You've called us. Your plans are perfectly timed and full of goodness. I love YOU!