Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back Track

Just got back from an MRI on my lower lumbar and leg. The doctor wants to confirm that the disk that is compressing my femoral nerve has not ruptured. It's my understanding that if it is merely bulging, then perhaps we can avoid surgery, and rely upon physical therapy and "changes in lifestyle" to correct the problem.

About my lifestyle...apparently I sit incorrectly, lay incorrectly, stand incorrectly, lift incorrectly and I obviously paint baseboards incorrectly. Honestly, I'd be surprised if this "lifestyle change" didn't include fewer calories and more exercise. Super-dee-duper.

So, we are on day five of my fortnight of bedrest. The doctor prefers that I lay prostrate on the hard floor with a pillow under my pelvis, my hips shifted to the right and my legs pointed toward the left. Though it sounds ridiculous, and less than comfy, I am supremely grateful for his wise suggestion.

This position is the ONLY position where I find relief from the otherwise constant pain and pressure on my knee. I would have never discovered this posture on my own. The doctor formulated this personalized position by moving everything in direct oposition to how my body was naturally allowing each part to rest.

AND with all the extra narcotic-hazed time to think, I have to wonder if there might be a spiritual parallel to my current plight.

Are there times when our own ignorance or lack of discipline bring about pain in our lives? And as we try to reallign ourselves, we find no suitable long-term solution. But as we submit to Wisom and Truth, we are asked to do the illogical, urged to try the unnatural, encouraged to try the uncomfortable. And in Merciful irony, we find rest. We find peace. We find sustained comfort.

Thank You, Jesus.