Monday, July 12, 2010

Mass Transit

As a consciously pleased cave-dweller, I must say I have been trodding the beaten path for the better part of this month. But today definitely wins the award for motion and mobility.

After watching a late night movie with Philip last night, this morning started a bit abruptly. Earlier for him than me...but not by much. My groggy approach to the day was bombarded by queries concerning food & wardrobe.

Ashlin was the first one out of bed, asking if she could eat breakfast and put on her leotard.

Mari Alice was next - needing permission to put on her swimsuit before making her own oatmeal. "I can do it, I promise. I will NOT get oatmeal on my pink suit, OK?"

Next came Ardyn. She was already dressed in what she intended to wear to drama camp, she just needed authorization to consume the last coveted stick of mozzarella string cheese for breakfast.

As she hurried out my door to race for the cheese, she announced, "Oh, yeah, Elizabeth is awake and she's totally poopy."

Good to know.

Luke lumbered into my room to state for the record that he was indeed "up". (This tidbit shared ironically after falling like a tree into a prone position atop my freshly made bed.)

Not cool.

I left him to go greet the baby girl. She had been chatting with the assortment of soft, squeaky friends in her bed. As I turned on the light, she smiled and waved her arms, as if to say, "It's true! I am totally poopy."

So I totally changed her:)

After breakfast we did our zones. They are technically supposed to be addressed before each meal, but Monday just gotta roll with it sometimes.

This system has been working beautifully for over two months, now.

The house is divided into 4 zones:
laundry/Oscar, and

Each older child is assigned a zone to defend against clutter for the week. It keeps the work load better balanced, and reinforces my "concern" for things out of I'm not the only one is peeved by folks leaving stuff laying around. The plan is for zone defense to occur just before each meal. For the most part it takes just a second or two and works really well. Also, when it's time to clean the house, we each do our bedrooms, we work together on bathrooms, and each child is responsible for the tops or bottoms of that zone --whichever we're doing.

Ok, where was I? Zones. Breakfast. Oh yes. We counted the library books and put them in the basket. Landen stayed home with Elizabeth so he could "chill" and she could roam freely and play in her room instead of being strapped into a car seat all morning.

Luke, Ardyn, Ashlin, Mari & I set out for town. We dropped Ashlin off at her very first dance class of her cute little life. She was a tiny bit nervous, but she did great. Instead of waiting in the lobby, we scooted over to the library. Turned some in. Nosed around. Checked some out.

Back to get Ashli and home again, home again, to eat some roasted hog. Seriously. Leftover Red-Pepper Roasted Pork Loin for lunch. mmmmmm.

Don't get to comfy peeps, we're off again!

"I'm taking Ardyn to drama camp. Anybody want to ride with?"
"I'm staying here."
"I'm going."
"I'm going, no I'm staying, are you staying?"
"I'm going."
"Oh, then I guess I'm going."
"Well, then, I guess I'll go too."

Full Ford. Headed that way.

Door opens. Kisses blown. Door closes.

Full Ford. Headed back.

Ah...almost 2 big fat hours at home. Check email, open mail, clean kitchen (that place looked like a bunch of nomads shuffled through, scarfed some pig, and hit it.)


Other people practiced baseball, mowed the batting cage, watched PBS, and chalked the patio while I tried to design a new t-shirt for MP3.

Oh nuts. Almost late to pick up Ardyn.

"I'm going to pick up Ardyn from drama camp. Who wants to go with?"

***long, distracted, fatigue-filled pause***

"Love you, Mom!"
"Bye, Mom!"
"I'll lock the door behind you!"

Alrighty then.

Vacant Ford. Wonderfully silent, vacant Ford. Headed that way.

Door opens. Door closes. Silence is replaced with tales from a dramatically happy travelling companion:)

A few moments later, Philip merges onto the highway behind me and follows us home.

Neat trick.

Ok. Car swap. Dinner inhalation. Pecked kisses & quick good-byes.

Philip and the boys drive to Texarkana where Landen is playing in the State All-star tournament for his age division.

I load up the girls and we drive Mari Alice to her swim lesson. After I get her in the gate, and safely within the guardianship of my good friend, we jet over to get Ardyn white shoes for her newly appointed roll in the musical.

Unload at store #1.
No go.
Unload at store #2.
We have a winner! White, size 4 1/2, on clearance.

Bag 'em. Tag 'em. Load 'em in the SUV.

Jet back over to the pool. Unload and watch Mari's last few minutes of class. Now load everybody up (for the LAST time today, Thank You, Jesus!)

We ladies made it home all safe and sound. We tidied the kitchen ('cause that place looked like a pack of wolves snarled through a loaf of bread and a couple cans of soup then hit it.) Soon, we readied ourselves for an early bedtime, and snuggled in to watch "Anne of Green Gables" all together - just girls.

As I write, the menfolk are victoriously returning home. (Landen called to say he pitched the whole game and they won 13-5...I think....don't quote me on that score... Main Idea: his team won.)

Guess what? Tomorrow we get to do it all over again...but start an hour earlier! Dance class got bumped back an hour. Yee-ha!

Thank You, God, for a great, reliable automobile with cold, blasty a/c. Thank You for all the friends my kids are getting to hang out with and all the exciting things they're learning and doing. Thank You for blessing me with a family of kids who don't mind covering for each other, who get excited about watching the others "do their thing", and who are generally fun to be around. Thank You for a handsome, hard-working husband who makes all these activities possible...oh, and for July's fuel bill...thank You for overtime. Help us keep our focus on pleasing You. We want everything we do and say to make You famous. Forgive us for the moments today when we fell short of that. Thank You for loving us.