Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Birthday Blah...I mean Blog

Yesterday was Elizabeth's birthday. Like all one-year-olds, she was oblivious. I have always thrown birthday parties when a child turns one. Not this time. Since she had no idea of the day's specialness, I granted myself freedom to be completely selfish. Therefore, I was sad. My last little baby is growing up.

Since her transition to dairy products, she and I have both been a little sad. Our evenings have turned to mourning.

Philip called at lunch yesterday to see if I had baked a cake.

A cake? Like, for a celebration?

Ummm, no.

Liz and I are in sackcloth and ashes, here. I think the Bible speaks of feasting when others are grieving.

A cake would be a sin.

Despite my birthday boycott, her sister's came through with great style. They had wrapped gifts (from their own playbins) for Elizabeth to open after breakfast. I sipped sad coffee while they all had a happy time.

The girls were convinced that swimming was the only appropriate way to spend a birthday afternoon, so swimming we went. I think she really did have fun in the pool. At one point she was sprawled across my legs as I sat on the steps of the shallow end. She squinted into the bright sky and instinctively began to suckle her two fingers while one big toe dipped spirally into the water's surface. One of the older girls noticed and said, "See? This is the LIFE for a one year old!"

By evening, I had repented of my selfish ways, and tried to make restitution with a trip to W@lM@rt. We bought her a new floatie, a stroller she could learn to walk behind, and a new dress. Oh! And ice cream with cones.

As we drove into the driveway, the boys considered playing with some neighborhood friends to use up the last bit of daylight. Lovingly, they decided they'd "rather spend time with their sister on her birthday". Very sweet.

After ABSOLUTELY enjoying her first BlueBell experience, we helped her burn off the calories by walking to and from each couch several dozen times...pushing her new stroller. She doesn't really bend her knees, so it's totally a hip thang. "Waddle, waddle, quack, quack!" Terribly cute!

After 4a kajillion birthday kisses from bed-bound siblings, Elizabeth stayed up for just a while longer. Philip and I spent the last few moments of her birthday with her alone...just Dad, Mom, & baby girl. Tickling, taking steps, talking about how wonderful she is, and thanking God for the joy of raising her.

Welcome to the circus, baby! We love you with a crazy kind of love:)
June 8, 2009