Monday, May 10, 2010

Regifted Mother's Day

(I wrote this last year but wanted to post it in Mom's honor again.)

Mother's Day Top Ten

Here are tonight's top ten reasons why Mom & I are undeniably mother & daughter:

10. Our cute, chubby toes
9. We love our spot in the Soprano section
8. We have identical hands...the better for keyboarding and cooking
7. We love a graph paper, 'Monk' and 'Mississippi Yummy'...all in the same setting if at all possible
6. Our big, brown eyes
5. We willfully postpone household cleaning....but feel ashamed until we get it done.
4. We can paint our fingernails then grab our keys and drive across town....sipping a glass of ice water: pinkies up.
3. We wiggle when we walk fast...but we can walk pretty darn fast, so deal with it!
2. We can instantly produce a color-coded chart involving any set of facts on the planet.

and the #1 reason we are undeniably mother & daughter...
1. We both have beautiful Moms and gorgeous daughters!

Thank You, God, for my Mom. Thank You for loving me and teaching me through her. Thank You for hearing her prayers for me and the boys over all these years. Thank You for Your protection and peace. Thank You for the devotion and commitment that she and Dad modeled for us. Thank You for drawing us closer to You so that we might know & love You more. Bless Gramma Iona and my girls. May we find purpose in shining Your light until You come to take us home.