Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Tuesday, May 11, 2010...

Outside my window...dark winds howl as a full day draws to a close.

I am remembering...all the ways that God is good.

I am thankful for...honest friends.

I am creating...a bit of a plan for the rest of May.

I am going...to play the piano for "The Summit"s choir rehearsal tomorrow night. I am really enjoying my summer gig.

I am reading...May magazines so I can pass them along...still.

I am hoping...to be an encouragement to those who cross my path...and to find that envelope of cash I lost last week. (Please, Lord:)

On my mind...all the MOPS moms. We had our last meeting for the year today. I never realized what a tender spot I have in my heart for each of them.

From the learning rooms...Boys are rockin. Girls are in limbo. Mari Alice still thinks her "school" should arrive by mail any day.

Noticing that...it is super late. I have no business being up.

Pondering these words..."Thou art never at any time nearer to God than when under tribulation, which He permits for the purification and beautifying of thy soul." -Miguel de Molinos

From the kitchen...pesto paninis, a crock pot of chili, olive garden salad, and jalapeno cream cheese dip sit poised in the refrigerator for consumption sometime during the next 48 hours. No kitchen duty 'til Friday:)

Around the house...a couple loads of laundry need to be put away, the boys stayed up watching Ranger highlights, the girls have been asleep for a while, and my darling, handsome husband is loading the dishwasher. Ahhhh.

One of my favorite things...Large Sonic ice water with lemon. 25 cents.

From my picture journal...
My man mashing the ball. We have a batting cage in our back yard, now...haven't you heard??

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