Monday, November 10, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY, Monday, November 10, 2008

Outside My Window...rhythmic raindrops escort the cold gusts of wind into our yard. Under the boat shed rests the remains or our first harvested deer of this season. Ardyn and Philip brought her home Friday evening.

I am thinking...that it's good to be home with the kids and back on blogger!

I am thankful for...the kids in MP3. There were 33 of those little boogers in choir last night. We are just weeks away from our Christmas musical and they are doing a fabulous job.

From the kitchen... Landen and Ardyn are working together to do Luke's chore. He has a headache. He'll be able to cover for them after his healing. Meals will be scaled back today because I need to get the bathroom primed before Philip brings the counter top home today. But this paragraph is not about the's about the kitchen. Mac'n'cheese for lunch and chicken puffs for supper. And hopefully a replenished milk supply and a floor mopping by morning. JW is going to the store tonight. Who will mop the floor? One-two-three-NOT-IT! For now, we're rationing milk and ignoring the floor.

I am wearing...painting pants, painting shirt, and I'm seriously considering donning a painting doo-rag. Primer in the hair is no fun...though my graying strands give that impression most days.

I am creating...nothing really. Grunt work planned for most of the week. I do look forward to matting the sepia photos of the kids to hang in the freshly painted bathroom.

I am a women's ministry dinner tonight. The kids and I are having a Kit Kittredge get-together tomorrow with some friends. Wednesday is choir/AWANA. And Friday I've invited homeschool moms over for a fellowship.

I am reading...nothing - haven't opened a book in over 36 hours. I even looked over Philip's shoulder to read the scripture yesterday in church. I have enjoyed the rest, and now I get to start something new. I want to read "Passionate Housewives, Desperate for God" but Lifeway didn't have it Saturday (again!) I'm sort of in the mood to re-read "Redeeming Love". We'll see.

I am make each of my children feel special in some unique way this week. (Last week I failed to accomplish this to the extent I had hoped I might, so let's give'r another try)

I am hearing...the snagging rustle of Oscar's paws on the carpet as he rough-houses with the kids. The warm rhythm of the dryer. Rain playing arpeggios along the edge of the metal roof.

Around the house... Philip is gone. James is gone. Luke is down. Landen and the doo-wop girls have completed their chores and await my next instruction. Read: "Mom is blogging, so we should probably get a snack and watch some PBSkids."

One of my favorite painting. Not art on a canvas, but a new mood on the walls of a room. Three years ago, I painted every inch of this house. What a wonderfully fresh new start.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...Luke helping Philip a couple weeks ago in the beginning stages of the bathroom makeover. Are you nuts for the dimples?

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Philip and I have a tag-team timeline laid out for the bathroom's completion. The kids and I will dutifully and joyfully complete our 15th week of school. Other than that, we're playin' it by ear.

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