Monday, June 11, 2012

Joy Dare 6.11.12

Giving thanks to God in community for His gifts ...

a gift of peace our little house guest sleeping well, even in a strange place
a gift of hope knowing God knows more and better than we
a gift of love  the son who cooked and cleaned so that we could celebrate his sister

3 gifts ugly-beautiful
bedroom floors blanketed with toys and junk ... happy hours hanging over
the birthday cake that almost came out of the pan all pretty
my flesh colored compression sock ... concealing a healing wound

3 gifts in what I am watching
devoted friendship in "Brian's Song"
genius comedic writing in "Finding Nemo"
love as a choice in "Sarah, Plain and Tall"

3 gifts empty
laundry bins ... proof of a busy day of washing
suitcases laid out ... awaiting a week of wear
hands held out for God's perfect provision

3 gifts that make you really smile
Luke's over-the-fence home run
Landen's full game pitched with only one run allowed
sisters cracking sunflower seeds and spitting with no finesse

a gift at 8  four soapy girls wash away the day
a gift at 12 a warm, handsome husband who is cute even though he is a blanket stealer
a gift at 2  subconscious surrender to the sweet promise that God never sleeps

3 gifts painted
purple butterflies
lots of hollow hearts
one hundred toe and finger nails