Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flashback Friday


(Originally posted April 2008)

I was at a meeting this week where we were asked to list our favorite physical feature and favorite personality trait ... concerning ourselves.

Long pause.

Women all across the room were groaning with hesitancy. One poor woman spoke sheepishly about her hands. "I guess...if I HAVE to pick something I like..." she started. The same spirit of obligated humility embodied most of the remarks. A few of my fellow funsters implemented our tried and true defense mechanism. "I'll say my eyes...or any body part that doesn't gain weight!"

I thought it might be easier as we spoke of more noble virtues: our personalities. Everyone was still visibly uncomfortable sharing. My friend next to me was at a loss until those around her commended her six-day-per-week running regimen. She shrugged her petite shoulder and announced to the group, "I guess I'm a little determined."

She "guesses" she's a "little" determined. She finds herself mildly driven? What in the world?

Have we been deprogrammed to such an extent that we cannot even offer solicited words of personal affirmation? Do we fear sounding arrogant? Would it simply lack propriety to speak highly of ourselves?

We have nothing but grace. God's marvelous, beautiful grace. And this grace could and should be praised with every breath. God made my eyes. He also formed my thighs....I "added on". Why don't I confess that I'm working on the surface demolition, but that the foundation is intact and wonderful. God made my mouth. He sculpted my lips. I think they are lovely. Is that so hard to say? I'm just appreciating the artist. What artist's praise would be complete without a little "ooh-ing and ahh-ing" over the piece of work.

God made me logical. I am grateful to Him for that. Why do I struggle to say the sentence: "I love that I am logical." God made me funny. It would be presumptuous to say, "I'm so glad I'm funny." Wouldn't it? Or have people been giggling at my comments all morning? Hasn't it been fun to be funny? Isn't God great for giving me a unique perspective on life and a unique ability to communicate that view? Without God's handiwork, it wouldn't be possible. I wouldn't be taking the credit ... I would be acknowledging the truth. We are fearfully and wonderfully made ... by a loving Creator.

Next time someone asks me what I like about myself, the short answer will be: "God formed me in my mother's womb and He's transforming me right this very moment to love more deeply." The long answer will include: naturally greying hair, cute chubby toes, encouraging words, songs in my heart, legs, eyes, freckles, pinkie fingers, dedication, creativity, and sense for humor.

May all creation bring glory to our Creator.