Friday, March 23, 2012

It's in the Jean

(Oh, she'll be so mad that I put her middle name in the title.)

I feel as though I've always loved her. 
Even her name is entirely adorable: Katherine Jean.
I met her when she was fresh out of high school, but we quickly made up for lost time. 

My first impression of her was
that she was kind and confident.  After almost 20 years of friendship and kinship, I know her to be genuinely selfless and gently opinionated.  She laughs easily and tears up when something is precious.  She is a good friend and a gifted teacher.

In those early years, we traveled together in a van with groups of rowdy lead worship and publicize our school, and to find ourselves through friendship and growth.  Oh, the memories!  Oh, the video footage!  The shameless requests for affection, "I wouldn't be mad if you wanted to scratch my arm real lightly ..."  Arguing over which girl in TRUTH sang better.  And then the infamous issue with my snoring.

Later, as would-be sisters-in-law, we dished and dreamed.  I remember her explaining to me about this new "electronic mail" she used to correspond with Josh overseas.  I could not believe it ... I had to go to her apartment and see it for myself.  I coached her through browning her first pound of hamburger meat.  She rejected my smoothies because they made her "snotty".  She showed me how to be affectionate and silly with my firstborn ... how not to take either of us too seriously.  She told me how cute she thought Josh was, and I sort of gagged, but then thanked God for sending her for him, and him for her.

Weddings, funerals, holidays - she has made them beautiful, bearable, and blessed. 

As long-distance relatives, I love it when she calls to chat.  I love it when we see each other in person.  I love it when she recommends a book or a sermon or a song.  However, I do not love it when she creams me at words with friends.
Josh & Kathy, Johnathan & Jack, Christmas 2011

Happy Birthday, Kathy!
I'm sure I have always loved you.  Thank you for loving me back:)