Monday, January 23, 2012

I Am Weak, But He Is Strong

I could see it, but  I couldn't touch it.  It was everywhere!

One of the man cubs had overestimated the capacity of our washing machine, so during the bumpy spin cycle, the heavy box of powdered stain remover had hopped and scooted, danced and shuffled, across the top of the washer.  Eventually, it fell off the back edge and spilled onto the floor behind the washer and dryer.

I could see it, but I couldn't touch it.

I wanted it cleaned, removed, fixed, back to normal.

I couldn't do one thing.

My arms couldn't reach the mess from above or beside or below.  I couldn't move the washer. I couldn't move the dryer.

I mentioned it to Philip last weekend shortly after it happened.  He would have to be the one to take care of it.  I had hoped he would adopt my mental time-frame for the project, but alas, he did not.  Classic.

All week long,  the upside-down box rested upon the miniature ski slope at the back of my laundry room.  I was bothered for a few days - nagged by its existence.  But with every reminder of  the mess, came the realization that I would need to wait on Philip.  He would [somehow, some day]  absolutely be able to take care of it.

I remained aware of the problem, but was less and less bothered.  I knew Philip would get around to it.  I knew he would do a thorough job.  The synthetic snow scape became part of my daily backdrop.  And it was ok.

I attended an overnight conference this weekend.  When I returned, I hugged the kids, kissed the husband, and unpacked my bags.  As I tossed my dirty clothes toward the basket in the laundry room, I noticed the uniform tiles that marched all the way to the wall and back....with no signs of blizzard or drifts.

"Oh! Honey!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best!!!" While I wasn't looking, he had done the thing I could not do. He had made my impossibility a reality. I waited on him, and his strength was perfectly displayed in my weakness. 

What a gift!  At this point I was happy for the spill because it offered
a)the opportunity for the laundry room to be thoroughly cleaned, and
2)the opportunity for me to think REALLY favorable thoughts toward my well-deserving provider.

In my real life that I live in the spirit... I have many messes.  I want them cleaned, fixed, removed, brought back to normal.  And I am learning that MOST of them are positioned in a place I cannot reach; blocked by obstacles too large for me to move.

I acknowledge the mess.  I ask for help.  I call on the One who loves me most.  The Powerful One.
Sometimes I want Him to adopt my personal time-frame.  But alas, He does not.

So I wait.

"And God says to me...
'My grace
is enough for you.

My mercy is sufficient against any danger
and My loving-kindness enables you to bear the trouble fully.
for My strength and power are made perfect --fulfilled and completed,
 and show themselves most effective in your weakness.'

Therefore, I will
all the more gladly
glory in...
I will treasure my weaknesses and infirmities,
that the strength and power of Christ
may rest (yes, may pitch a tent over and dwell) upon me!"
2 Corinthians 12:9 amplified

What a gift!  I am learning to be happy for the messes because they offer
a)the opportunity for corners of my life to be thoroughly cleaned, and
2)the opportunity for me to think REALLY favorable thoughts toward my well-deserving PROVIDER.

"Oh!  Heavenly Father!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are the best!!!  While I wasn't looking, You have done the thing I could not do.  You have made my impossibility a reality. I wait on You, and Your strength is perfectly displayed in my weakness!"