Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Revisiting with a Grateful Heart

30 Days of Gratitude (A Re-Post for Non-Facebookers)
During November, several facebook friends purposefully posted prayers of gratitude as their status updates each day.  Some of my closest peeps do not partake in the facebook I'm posting my gratitude here....bragging on my good God:)  It was a great way to spend November, but an even better way to wrap up this year.
Nov 1:  Today, I thank God for autumn. Cool breezes chase warm sunshine...back and forth they tease. Days dawn later and fade sooner, while cozy evenings seem to linger at a wonderfully slow pace.

Nov 2:  Today I thank God for my husband. Philip has always seemed to know me better than I know myself. 'Opposites attract', and what a team they make! I am grateful for bumpy roads & smooth sailing; chaos & comfort. And I literally praise the Lord that Philip still thinks I'm cute and fun, and tells me so every single day.

Nov 3:  Today I thank God for grace. God's prodigal, extravagant, love and mercy to cover my millions of shortfalls. I do not have to be defined by the riddiculous things I said 20 years ago, or the way I lost my cool yesterday. I am forgiven and His grace makes me whole. He loves us completely:)

Nov 4:  Today I thank God for access to vehicles, grocery stores, and money in the bank --things I typically consider as my "way of life"....but today I gratefully receive them as the enormous blessings they are. "To whom much is given, much is required."

Nov 5:  Today I thank God for my family. Not nearly perfect, but perfect for, patient, affectionate, patient and helpful....and patient some more.

Nov 6:  Today I thank God for speaking to me. Quiet, yet undeniable. Straightforward as if face to face. Strong and sure - loud and clear. Through preachers and daughters; scripture and song; through sun-stained clouds and radio dj's.

Nov 7:  Today I thank God for being God. "I AM". He is...not just sufficient, but magnificent! He ALONE is...worthy and mighty and true. He is...the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Nov 8:  Today I thank God for our nation.  The freedoms we may or may not choose to enjoy are unknown in other parts of the world.  May He give us courage to stand up for His statutes and compassion to share His salvation.

Nov 9:  Today I thank God for the ability to play the piano.  It is challenging, theraputic, fun, times, quite lucrative.

Nov 10:  Today I thank God for kind, honest friends who allow me to stuggle to be real in their midst.  Their patience and encouragement and accountability are so important and valuable and inspiring.

Nov 11:  Today I thank God for doctors and hospitals and procedures and medicine.  Merciful blessings that are so easily taken for granted.

Nov 12:  Today I thank God for my beautiful mom. 

Nov 13:  Today I thank God for sweet partners in ministry - lovely ladies who are Spirit led, slow to freak out, quick to offer honest encouragement, and just the right mix of dilligence and grace. Say it with me: BLESSED!!

Nov 14:  Today I thank God for giggly girls and kites and sunshine and breezes and acreage...and for the freedom to use them as we please this morning:)

Nov 15:  Today I thank God for quilts and crochet; hot buttered toast, creme brulee coffee, and thick fuzzy socks; my favorite well-worn hoodie and "have a great day" hugs. All things warm and lovely. mmmmm.

Nov 16:  Today I thank God that He has REVEALED Himself and has allowed me to Know Him By Name! Provider, Comfort, Peace, Healer, Powerful Creator, King of kings and Lord of lords, Name above all names:)

Nov 17:  Today I thank God for my Thursday morning friends. True Beauties:)

Nov 18:  Today I thank God for my grand family ---both in size and fabulousness. A project that would have taken me dayzzzzz, was speedily brought to completion tonight because we all worked together...even the littlest a team!

Nov 19: I thank God for Ann VosKamp, for her mission trip to South America, and for the internet that brought her experience home to me. Why else would I weep this morning for a boy the age of my firstborn, and so many others like him? I hope you'll take a moment and let her story touch move you to compassion today.

Nov 20:  Today I thank God for my three super great brothers, Tim, Josh, and James.   Individually, they bring laughter and delight to many of my days. Collectively they provide a rich warmth of relational security to which nothing else compares. This older sister is blessed in a big way!

Nov 21: Today I thank God for Brendan Luke. He is a skillful and entertaining in the kitchen - a great partner for this afternoon's holiday pre-cooking. (Cleaning up after his artistic mess is a small price to pay:)

Nov 22:  Today I thank God for the promise of eternity in heaven - reunited with loved ones. I made homemade sausage for the first time tonight, and I just think my dad would be all kinds of excited if I could call him and tell him. "A future and a hope!"

Nov 23: Today I thank God for my parents-in-love. From these two precious people, Philip has inherited a sturdy work ethic, a solid concept of "home", and the affectionate ability to give and enjoy big, grizzly bear hugs. My children and I are reaping the rewards of their loving investment.

Nov 24:  Today I thank God for the gift of His Son...who makes it possible for me to extend my gratitude IN PERSON.

Nov 25:  Today I thank God for pie.  :)

Nov 26:  Today I thank God for food and friends and fellowship....and complimentary strawberry lemonade for three families' worth of kiddos....because the waiter thought it would be easier on him:)

Nov 27:  Today I thank God for my daughters: Ardyn, Ashlin, MariAlice, and Elizabeth.  They are beauty and love personified.  I overheard them remarking, "Mom and Dad are so lucky to have so many kids....'cause even when the boys are gone and married, they'll STILL have us!"

Nov 28:  Today I thank God for quiet, lazy days to sleep in, wonder what to do first, and then (aside from bathing little girls, earning a few points on WordsWithFriends, and providing a few pitiful meals for the family) ultimately do NOTHING but be quiet and lazy.

Nov 29:  Today I thank God for Landen Paul.  He is a cheerful giver, a hard worker, and a very funny guy.

Nov 30:  Today I thank God for never changing.  For being the same yesterday, today, and forever.