Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Well, my mom turns 65 today.  October 12.  "Yes, Columbus and I discovered America on the same day!"  Her famous punchline.

This photo is of us in 1973.  She looks a tiny bit tired...but not me!!  That's what I'm saying for the photographer (most likely, Dad).  Pointing to my soul with all my fingers, "Me!  Take a picture of ME!!"

Mom teaches her piano students with passion for music and compassion for people.  She dines out with friends.  She listens to AWANA kids recite their scripture.  She keeps careful records and makes great presentations.

She is an amazing mom. Check out her kids. I'm not kidding! This is not some vain attempt to talk about how great we are. You want to know if a mom is great at what she does? Look at the fruit. ALL of her kids are handsome, charming, and love to learn. All of her kids find incredible joy in worshipping the One True God.

All of her kids who are married, happily chose spouses who share that same purpose and pleasure. All of her kids who have children of their own, are actively raising them to do the same. (Sorry, JW, but you're not giving me a lot to work with...Jesus loves you, man...hang in there!)

Mother's investment in her kids has blossomed into a bouquet of blessings. No matter what happened on each and every single day. No matter what mistakes she may have made. No matter how things deviated from what she might have planned. The harvest of her mothering efforts is rich and plentiful.  Her grandsons know they have someone who will listen.  Her granddaughters feel her love and they want to be Godly Grammy's too. She has gently made her mark on the generations to come. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Outstanding, admirable, and OLD...I think that's the main idea here, today.  I think I actually have more gray hair than she knows I'm just pickin'. She is by all accounts aging beautifully and gracefully.

Thank You, God for giving me my mom. You did Good!