Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Week of Wardrobe

What a big crazy week!
Not only did the girls have to sport a costume to AWANA this week, the boys had a different theme to dress for each day of school.  "Wear Red Day" was pretty self explanatory and simple. 

Tuesday was "Silly Day"..
.and obviously they won the movie tickets that day. Since you can't win twice, Luke lost motivation to create more costumes right about the moment he won.

Landen busted out for "Tacky Nerd" day and finished strong on "Opposite Day" by wearing one of my skirts, a blouse, a silk scarf, high heels, and a hair bow.  (I thought we took pictures, but I can't find them, rats!)

We finished Mari Alice's "Cupcake" costume in just a couple hours.  Total cost: $2 for pink felt.  She was very pleased which made me VERY pleased:)

Ashlin's took less than 20 minutes and we were poised to set a new record with the $.60 piece of green felt.  Darn the hosiery.  Green tights are NOT easy to find.  And consequently NOT cheap.   Ashlin was a barely bothered that some folks thought she was Robin Hood instead of Peter Pan.  Oh well.

 My little rojo crayola!!  We re-purposed a red shirt and pants, curled a school folder into a hat, and painted the logo onto $.60 of black felt to win the prize for easiest, still very cute outfit.

Ardyn is [way] too old for AWANA so she [totally] did not dress up Wednesday night when I had my camera.  And Sunday night when I also had my camera, she decided to dress on the go for some [really important, yet unmentionable] reason.  SO, no photos of my glamorous angel. 
Perhaps another day.  Or week:)