Friday, November 11, 2011

Top Ten but Better:)

Today is 11/11/11. 

And I am a pattern NERD, so today is lovely by very virtue of it's recorded date.

So...for today....

Eleven ways my kids amuse me:
muffled chatting & giggling of roommates behind closed doors
the littlest one ALWAYS says "thanks for a great lunch, Mom"...she has heard it all her life.
when they gasp at my hair-do...45 seconds before I'm REALLY done.

when they see me in something other than a teeshirt and jeans and ask, "Why are you so dressed up??"
the big ones tickling little ones
the little ones teasing "ninny ninny boo boo" with a hip wag or provoke more tickling.
their apparent need to use 3 towels a piece at each bathtime.
how they sound very much like me on the phone...whether the conversation is real or imagined.
the way they watch out for each other without my asking.
how they ALWAYS have more questions.  will it ever end?
how they each sleep sprawled out...heredity meets abandon

Eleven ways my husband spoils me:
putting the kids to bed whenever he's home
bringing me crushed ice
letting me have the heating pad
replacing broken things around the house almost immediately
investing in the stuff that lasts
being unbelievable generous with hugs and kisses
always complimenting my cooking.  always.
cleaning up dog & kid the hard core stomach issue messes.
driving so i can put on make-up or read.
providing all that we need without complaint
the way he says my name...makes me melt.

Eleven things of which I could never have enough:
crushed ice
baby wipes
creme brulee coffee
yellow legal pads
book shelves
baked sweet potatoes
avacados with lime & cumin
"heel of approval" lotion from B&Bworks
goodnight kisses
date nights

Eleven things that make my life more simple:
Doing the things of God...not merely listening
a solid marriage to a gentle hunk of a man
kind, honest friends
cheerful children
a place to call home
black trousers that match half a dozen blouses
the toaster oven
the fridge and washer & dryer (while we're at it)
the toilet (why lie?)
a reliable car that seats all my darlings
rocking chairs on the covered patio

Eleven sentences that brighten my day:
"I love you, Babe."
"G'mornin, Momma."
"What can I do to help before I leave for school?"
"You look really pretty today."
"You make me laugh."
"God is good all the time."
"How can I pray for you today?"
"I made you some ice water."
"I just needed a 'cari fix'."
"That is a great idea!"
"This is your mother...I called to check on you guys."